The Games Found, The Games Still Missing In Murdoch's Newspaper Killer

Rupert Murdoch's daily interactive iPad newspaper replacement, The Daily, brings with it not only a new way to read news, but a fresh look at the sections that divide a newspaper up.

Among The Daily's six relatively traditional sections was one surprise: Apps & Games.

So far that means a section that talks about technology, asks celebrities about favourite apps and features two newspaper-traditional games tied to Apple's Game Center. But I'd love to see this expand to include the sort of gaming news and content that most newspapers seem unwilling to commit to.

The two games found daily in the Apps & Games are well designed versions of Crosswords and Sodoku. Seemingly built from the ground up not just for The Daily, but for the iPad.

What The Daily hasn't quite done, disappointingly, is tap fully into the interactivity of the iPad in the way it handles news and opinion. Wouldn't it be wonderful, for instance, if the likes of Ian Bogost created News Games for The Daily, allowing readers to not just passively absorb the news, but actively understand it through play?

Here's hoping.


    It's just a shame The Daily runs like Crysis2 on a 386!

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