The Halo Mega Bloks Are More Impressive This Year

Last year, I went to Toy Fair and saw some Halo Mega Bloks. They were pretty cool. This year's are better. This line, which I shot at Toy Fair 2011, is slated for release throughout the year.

(In case you weren't familiar with the brand, Mega Bloks are like Legos. I'm sure they get that allll the time.)

The Mega Bloks people also will have some releases tied to the 10th anniversary of Halo: Combat Evolved this fall.


    When i saw the elephant.

    Did not expect.

    If only it was Lego - Lego Technic!

    "(In case you weren’t familiar with the brand, Mega Bloks are like Legos. I’m sure they get that allll the time.)"

    Lego is to Mega Bloks, as chocolate pudding is to fresh diarrhoea chunks.

    Unfortunately, Lego would never agree make a licensed theme with this, due to their curious 'NO WAR' policy. Hell, it took almost a decade for them to replace the weird 'microphone guns' from their Star Wars lines to slightly more screen-accurate rifles.

      No war policy?

      How do you explain their entire Star Wars line!

        It's fiction. Black and white story-telling designed for children in a fantastical, far-out setting that ostensibly is completely disconnected from real life.

        It was also the reason that for the majority of the line, all guns were replaced with megaphone pieces to avoid resembling guns (real or not). If you've played the earlier Lego Star Wars games, all characters had megaphone guns. It was only recently they decided to ease up a bit and started using slightly more realistic looking blasters.

        Tonnes of toy companies are very conservative to avoid bad press about (even remotely) promoting war. Part of the reason Bumblebee from the newest Transformers movies was a Camaro instead of a VW Beetle was because VW wanted to avoid being associated with a 'war' film. The other was that GM was a major sponsor of the films.

    I thinck that the manufactores of halo should make the figures hands.I have 4 halo men and ALL of them have broken hands 2 broke in a week and oe broke in a day and I don't play with them rough.

    if your halo people are broken GET YOUR MONEY BACK!!!!!!!!!

    If anyone knows where to get pics of the UNSC people can u tell me :)

    Mega bloks are awsome!!!

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