The inFamous 2 Karma System Dramatically Changes The Way You Play

The inFamous 2 Karma System Dramatically Changes The Way You Play

The Karma system in the original inFamous gave players a choice between being bad or being good, but for the most part the game didn’t change much depending on the path you took. inFamous 2 addresses that issue explosively.

Rather than simply having Karma effect how you make certain choices in the game, in inFamous 2 Karma is tied to the non-player characters you accept your missions from. For example, in the video above Cole has taken his buddy Zeke’s advice on how to free an ally from an enemy compound, freeing police and leading them on an all-out assault.

That’s one way the scenario could play out.

In the video below, Cole’s new ally Nix has a drastically different idea – fill a streetcar with explosives and ram the compound in which their ally is being held.

Both methods get the job done, but in the end the collateral damage done by following Nix’s plan equals bad Karma points well earned.

Sucker Punch Productions’ Brian Fleming explains the way the Karma system has been changed for the upcoming sequel to the hit PlayStation 3 game in a post on the PlayStation blog today. Hit up the link below to learn more about being good and bad in inFamous 2.

What Goes Around Comes Around: More on the inFAMOUS 2 Karma System [PlayStation Blog]


  • Meh, more of the ‘One if obviously good, one is obviously bad, Black/White’ Karma stuff. Give some hard decisions: You can only save an orphanage or a retirement home! You have to save the President or the Ambasador! You have to pick a Holden or a Ford!

    • I’m not sure if you’re completely unfamiliar with how Good/Evil works in the comic book archetype but you don’t generally get much of a grey area.

      Also, just because you’ve read a little about the way they’re having you choose between good or evil doesn’t mean there aren’t more ambiguous plot points in the game…

      • I’m pretty familiar with it roger, but it’s evolved. Recent comics have given choices like Spiderman having to decide: Do I allow my old aunt to die, which she’s said she wants, or do I make the deal with the devil that she lives, but my marrage and relationship with MJ is erased?

        Comics have come up with difficult ambiguous moral choices, so why can’t games?

        And I doubt there’s many, if any hard ones in the game, there wasn’t any in the previous one, and if there is they would have made a bigger deal about it, since almost everyone’s been criticizing the ‘moral choice’ system for the lack of grey decisions.

      • The karma system always felt tacked on. Not only did you only have the best toys if you were fully evil or fully good, but all the decisions were ‘be great guy’ or ‘complete jerk’

        Even whats-her-face dies either way. Also, why can’t you be a greedy jerk, just running off with someone’s blast shards but just as likely to help a guy getting beat up

        I think the best decision time of the first was telling the engineer his wife was dead, or just zapping him so he never knew

      • however this is what they have chosen to show off, a black and white choice. And to be honest I’m a little sick of the same right/wrong thing, I want more grey area in my game choices.

        Could just be me and Michael tho.

      • which is the issue

        Powers are tied to either stictly good or strictly bad, once you go bad once you may as well stay that way for power reasons

        you should have like 5 options each with various pros and cons.Blow up the place, Utilize the police and sneak out the back door with your ally and risk them getting hurt, Lead and enemy gang into the base so they can duke it out. use the police as a distraction and return to help once the ally is out, lead an all out assault

        each has a varying degree and should give varying results

        the current system may as well be a do you want to be good or bad choice at the start

    • inFamous isn’t really about making the hard choices. It’s about letting the player decide if they want to act for the greater good or just use their powers more selfishly. Essentially in the first game, if you chose to be a Hero, then every single one of your choices would be the “good” one, the game didn’t allow you to vary your choices. You’re supposed to pick one mentality and run with it.

  • That is a shithouse moral choice right there.

    The good isn’t really that “GOOD”. It’s merely practical. The bad choice is MWUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA KILL cartoonishly, “burning down the orphanage” evil.

  • Infamous 1’s karma system was a complete joke and it looks like this one is too. Why not just give us those choices without the silly morality system. Give us that level of freedom without forcing us to think of it in a black/white way. Even if this is channeling comic books that doesn’t mean the writing has to be 2 dimensional.

  • If they are doing a promotional video, surely it’s best to show the most extreme choices. We can’t be sure that there won’t be tougher choices during the game.

    At parts it looked like the new Star Wars game I was hoping for…..

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