The Nintendo 3DS Doesn't Want Your Nintendo Point Cards, Sorry

Nintendo Points are Nintendo's virtual currency for the Wii and the DSi. Players can purchase point cards or charge them on their credit card. You might have some leftover prepaid point cards you're hoping to use on the upcoming Nintendo 3DS. Tough crap.

Current Nintendo Points cannot be used on the Nintendo 3DS. On the company's Japanese site, Nintendo notes, "Prepaid Nintendo point cards cannot be used with the Nintendo 3DS. Prepaid point cards that can be used with the 3DS will go on sale at a later date."

This doesn't necessarily render current prepaid cards useless as Nintendo will continue to support the DSiWare and WiiWare Stores. Separate prepaid cards for the 3DS? It does make everything into an enormous pain the butt.

ニンテンドーDSi:ニンテンドーDSiポイントの購入方法 [Nintendo][Pic: Getty]


    This is hardly surprising. Specially when you consider if you upgraded to a dsi xl, you couldn't transfer the games you bought from the dsi store. Doesn't stop it from sucking though :(

    Sigh. I'm struggling to see how keeping the points system universal can be helpful to customers or Nintendo alike in any way. Let us know Ninty!

    Wow... so dumb, it's like suggesting that MS have separate points cards for Game and DLC purchases...

    If you have an existing funny money system, then use it!

    It will be interesting to see if the reason for the change will be because of value, so instead of ~$30 for a 2000 points card, it will be ~$30 for a 1500 points card.

    What is this? Is the big N trying to confuse gamers even more? I thought they were looking to copy Apple's business model.

    This is most likely a move to stop ppl from buying points cards from cheaper regions, just like Apple are trying to do. So I guess the are following Apple in this case...

      Apple's iTunes values can be transfered from one system to another.....

      It's more like Nintendo trying to rip off consumers once more.

      My iTunes cards can be used in iTunes, or the App Store. This is just Nintendo attempting to squeeze more coin out.

    damnit i was hoping they had buggered off this stupid points system they all seem to love.

    Just let me pay with money. Stop trying to trick people into thinking there not spending that much by using points


    Nintendo aren't trying to steal your money. Who hoards Nintendo points? Chances are, you only have a small amount of unusable points left (50, maybe), so what's the difference?

    Additionally, if the Wii 2 came out, would anybody expect that it'd use the same points system as the Wii?

    I certainly never expected, or cared about, the same points system being used for the 3DS.

    I think the issue is with the fact that without a flexible central account, like Apple, PSN and XBL have, it is difficult to be able to track purchases to transfer onto other systems.

    For example, I can buy something on App store, put it on iPod, iPhone or even iPad, or same game on PSP or PS3, as long as it is activated for that same account, trackable by username/email.

    If the Big N had a NintendOnliNetwork or whatever genius name they would come up with, this might be resolved- and we could let Friend Codes go forever...

    Points are a ripoff, anyway. Why else would you be able to buy them in multiples of 500, but games on average cost 600-800 points?

    It's not some sort of need for simplicity. They're getting you to give them money so you can think you're not spending it yet. Truth is, you already spent it, and now you've got a useless number left over. Can't find anything for 200 points? BUY MORE POINTS! HOORAY!

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