PlayStation Network Prepares For Hot Girl-On-Girl Fighting Action

Twenty-three fatal and furious female fighters battle for the fate of Japan in Arcana Heart 3. The all-girl fighting franchise returns to North America this spring on the PlayStation Network, complete with full-featured online multiplayer.

North America hasn't seen hide nor hair of the Arcana Heart series since Atlus released the PlayStation 2 version of Arcana Heart in back in 2008. I loved it, despite getting my arse kicked by it, and I've been craving more ever since.

Aksys Games feeds my hunger this spring with Arcana Heart 3 on the PlayStation Network. The series trademark fighting-style swapping Arcana system is in place, with 23 girls fighting over the fate of Japan as we know it, including three new combatants: Main character Weiss; Eko, a young girl who can breathe life into her drawings; and the mysterious Scharlachrot.

With full online multiplayer and a new simple mode perfect for beginning players (*gulp*), Arcana Heart 3 should be one sexy addition to the PlayStation 3 fighting game line-up.

I am nearly giddy with glee.


    Gotta say, the first Arcana Heart was one of the more enjoyable fighters I've played. Hope this one makes it to Australia.

    Hopefully this one has ironed out the slow down kinks from AH2...

    I was *this* close to importing till i saw the huge slowdowns due to memory problems =(

    Man, I really hope this gets a 360 Live Arcade release. I really can't afford to buy a PS3 for this.

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