The PS3 Slim Now Comes In Silver

Just as the original model of the PlayStation 3 was made available in a fancy shade of silver, so too is the newer "Slim" model. Let's hope unlike last time this isn't a Japan-only kind of deal!

See, the last silver PS3 was never released in the West. So this one, currently only revealed for the Japanese market, may not either! Though we're checking with Sony just to be sure.

It's "Satin Silver", the same shade as the last silver PS3, and goes on sale in Japan on March 10 as a limited edition. There'll be two versions available: a 160GB version for ¥29,980 ($365), while the 320GB version will set you back ¥34,980 ($427).


    The last one was released in the west. My mate has it. And it is most definetly PAL.

    May have been limited, but it was definetly available,

    Does it come with a slim boomerang control??

    Eh? We have silver PS2's here. Even in the fat version, they are just harder to find.

      Indeed. My old 'fat' silver PS2 is still happily toiling away at my brother's house.

    Your joking right? I just got my PS3 just last week!

    I sold my ps3 a few months back, now I want this one! Lol

      Colours will do this to a man =) Just ask my black Wii... They NEVER should have released only a white version.

    I think I prefer the black one. The colour is timeless. It's always going to look good. Silver, eh, I dunno. If it looks ugly when it's all set up, it's ugly, regardless of limited numbers.

    Ah just another reason why to get a PS3. Would look good next to my original Silver PS2!! Now for M$ to produce a silver 360 to go with that fancy new silver controller.


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