The Wonderfully Depressing PixelJunk Video Game Commercial

You might describe the downloadable PlayStation 3 games in the PixelJunk series as "artsy", "old school" or even "very good". They're like 21st century Atari games. But would you expect a commercial for the next one, PixelJunk Shooter 2, to feature a man drinking his sorrows away? Until they get to the eggplant part, this spot is a marvellous downer.

The lead guy is supposed to one of the spacemen you can rescue in Shooter 2 (you can see the game at the end of the clip). Thanks to this commercial, I'll try harder to rescue him and his kind when the new game comes out early next month.


    Loved Shooter 1, just hope it's not too "bullet hell" this second time around as I'm not good at that!

    What, this spot isn't a marvelous downer Stephen! It's satire, irony and dry humor at its best!

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