The Xbox 360 Game Bundled With A Vibrating Wand

Some people play video games to relax. Other people do other things to relax - like get a massage. A new Japanese Xbox 360 game is combining both.

The limited edition version of CROSS†CHANNEL comes packed with pocket-sized massager. Larger versions of these massagers are used to loosen stiff backs as well as loosen other things.

This mini-massager is apparently a codenma massager strap, which has been available since mid 2010. It looks remarkably similar to adult wands such as this, and it sure makes a lot of racket.

The Xbox 360 version features much more new content than the PSP version, which is a port of the original adult visual novel for PC. The game is currently unrated, and it will be out this March in Japan. The wand? Its rating depends on use.

「CROSS†CHANNEL 〜In memory of all people〜」のOPムービーを4GamerにUp。限定版同梱特典の「小型電動マッサージ器ストラップ」も公開に(CROSS†CHANNEL 〜In memory of all people〜) [4Gamer]


    God damn it, guys.
    CROSS+CHANNEL had a great story to it, so why must they make things like this that force people to immediately think of it as another dirty sex game?
    This shit is why visual novels will never be taken seriously as a medium, even when there's just as many of them with not a lick of erotic content as there is ones filled with porn.

      he he, you said lick!

        Oh, come now. Lick doesn't have the slightest taint of hidden meaning to it!

          Hehe you said taint

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