There Is Blood On Your Hands, And On This Controller

There Is Blood On Your Hands, And On This Controller

Since we showed you a novel controller from Nubytech that you’ll never play, it only seems fair to spend today’s Total Recall talking about one you can play. And is way cooler.

This is Nubytech’s Resident Evil 4 controller, fashioned for the game’s release back in 2005. Originally designed only for the GameCube, which the game first appeared on, a version was later released for use with the PlayStation 2 when it turned up on Sony’s console nearly a year later.

As you’ll see in the pictures here, the thing was completely impractical, buttons in not just the wrong spot, but uncomfortable spot. If you ever meet someone who says they enjoyed using it, they are either lying or enjoy self-flagellation.

But that’s not the point. You didn’t buy this thing to use for 20 hours a week. You bought it because it was a chainsaw that was also a game controller, and looked great on your shelf.

Unlike most other things we’ll ever deal with on Total Recall, the Resident Evil 4 chainsaw controller is – despite the game’s age – amazingly still available from certain online retailers, where you’ll find the PS2 version is more plentiful than the yellow GameCube model.






  • If you want impractical, try the Final Fantasy X-2 ‘tiny bee’ gun controllers. If you need pics I could take some shots of my own *sob*

    If you want awesome and cute there is also the Dragon Quest VIII slime controller. That one actually worked quite well.

  • I always coveted that chainsaw controller, but there was no way I’d be able to use it due to the weird button placement so I could never justify the expense.

  • I’ve got my PS2 one on display. However, as a controller, it didn’t actually work that well. I actually regret opening mine ;_;
    Also, did you know the gamecube one is the female’s chainsaw and the PS2 one is the guys?

  • I managed to chance upon a JB that had these in stock the day after I found a hundred dollar note. I decided it was fate, and bought myself one 😛

    Awkward, but awesome.

  • Proudly displaying my gamecube one. Funfact: The bloody marks are unique in each unit, meaning somebody got to put pretend blood on their hands and get funky with it!

  • The Dpad and the action buttons are perpendicular to each other. Mario Kart is nearly impossible to play with it. Res Evil is not much easier.

    I love it.

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