There’s Something Cool In The 3DS’ Box (Aside From The 3DS)

There’s Something Cool In The 3DS’ Box (Aside From The 3DS)

Included with every 3DS sold will be six cards. They may look like plain paper cards, but they’re actually “augmented reality” devices, which when detected by the 3DS’ camera come to life on the handheld’s top screen.

We’ve shown you what the question block card looks like, but that’s just one card. There are five more that come with the 3DS, and those other five are way cooler.

You can see them up top, how there’s one each for some of Nintendo’s most revered characters, like Link, Mario, Kirby, Samus and…some Pikmin.

If you play a certain Augmented Reality (AR) game (there are six included with the 3DS), these cards will bring those characters to life. So instead of the dragon you can see in this clip here, you’d be seeing a little Mario, Samus or Link pop up on your desk / coffee table / lap.

There’s no real game to go with them, but that’s OK. I’m happy enough having little Link just stand there, keeping me company with his cute little hat while I toil away.

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  • To quote the Kotaku American comments, if they sold extra cards in card packs or allowed people to print them off they would sell like sausage rolls and pies on Australia Day.

      • Isn’t there a PlayStation Eye game that works similar to Yu Gi Oh? i.e. You have real, physical cards from which monsters appear on your screen in augmented reality, and you use them to battle. Maybe my understanding of that game and/or Yu Gi Oh is too limited, but it seems similar. In any case, what I’m trying to say is that it could happen. It’s a potential double money-maker, right?

        • Ahh, I forgot about that game. I don’t really follow things on the PlayStation because I’m a fanboy but I think CAD comics did one or two comics about it. Also this wasn’t my idea, my friend (who is actually a pretty big Yu Gi Oh fan despite being 19) blurted it out the other day.

        • The game that you are thinking of is called “The eye of Judgement”

          It sold very well (as in it sold out Australia wide quite quickly) But there was such a low supply of it that people just couldn’t get it, and hence someone to play against.

          Its a pity, it was a great game

      • Sure, it would be cool to throw down a Yu-Gi-Oh card and see a Blue Eyes White Dragon pop out, just how practical will it be? If it requires time-consuming animation, people would simply just start playing regular yu-gi-oh.

        It’s the same thing with Pokemon Stadium. Sure it’s cool seeing your pokemon fight in 3D, but it adds nothing to the actual mechanics. This is coming from a person who simply disables battle animation in regular Pokemon too.

    • This is what I wondered. What’s to stop people from simply downloading scans and printing themselves, without paying for official booster packs?

      At the fake Sydney launch event, the AR thing was probably the least impressive thing I’ve seen, it just seems like this generation’s e-reader.

  • I feel like if/when I buy a 3DS and it doesn’t have the Kirby card in it, I’m going to be very disappoint. I’d probably have to keep buying 3DSes until I got one.

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