These Facebook Games Are Bigger Than You Think

If you've ever felt like comparing how much money a "traditional" video game makes as opposed to how much a Facebook game makes, check out this chart. It makes for interesting/depressing reading.

Put together by game site IGN, it's very important to note that this isn't hard science. Much of the information depicted is not given out in detail by these publishers, so some of the figures - like the exact revenue for the Facebook games - are put together from market research data.

This means that while the chart will be in the right ballpark as far as these games are concerned, don't go splitting hairs (or putting much stock in the player bases, since one requires a $US50 purchase and the other often requires absolutely nothing).

Stacking Up Facebook Games [IGN]


    I had to go to the linked IGN article to clear up some confusion there. Mostly how the Zynga player numbers could possibly be so low. Turns out, they were only counting one in ten users, because that is the estimated number of people who pay for stuff in game.

    My mum places CityVille all the time, it makes me lag like crazy. Thanks facebook. >=(

    It's alright, family movies and dumb comedy flicks may rake in the money at the box office, but arthouse is still around.

    I guess they couldn't fit WoW onto that :P

      Dollar value WoW is still a good money-maker. However, last quote I heard was that Farmville alone had 80million players, where WoW has, at best, 11 million.

      Of course many people who play Farmville don't pay money for it. But then there are those who do...

        I bet that also includes people who have played it, but don't necessarily actively play the game. I would expect it includes people who started the game and then haven't touched it for a year.

        I'm shocked that Black Ops has that many players. I recently hired a copy and found it really disappointing, I'm surprised there isn't more irate fans out there complaining.

          I think the same could be said for WoW, seeing as that all the numbers always come from the developer, not through some sort of survey counting them!

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