These Guys Are Trying To Turn S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Into Crysis

S.T.A.L.K.E.R. was an ambitious, if somewhat crude first-person game released in 2007. For all its quirks, it has a devoted fanbase, and some of those fans are now endeavouring to give the game a major facelift.

While visual mods for the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. series are common, this goes way beyond that: a team of Russians is trying to take the game and essentially recreate it using the Crytek engine used in Crysis.

Not only is that a more stable engine, it's a much better-looking one too, as you can see in the clips here. In addition to the improved visuals and physics, the modders are also going to make a few changes to the game, including a new healing system.

Now, we shouldn't need to tell you not to get too excited about this. Mods as ambitious as this rarely ever make it to the finish line, so don't expect this to ever be fully completed and ready to play.

Here's the link to the mod's site, though. Just in case.

[Sector 23, via PC Gamer]



    If there is any mod community to do something huge like this, it's the tenacious relive-a-4-year-old-game-yet-again STALKER crowd.

    I lost at least a week to STALKER in all its buggy glory once I figured out I loved the hardcore pain of it all.

    Then again when I discovered the Oblivion Lost mod.

    Fingers are now triple crossed.

    Kinda redundant considering STALKER Complete not only looks better but is also a higher-quality all-round mod.

    Am I the only one that thinks that doesn't even look as good as vanilla Stalker, let alone Stalker Complete?

    "An ambitious, if somewhat crude first-person game released in 2007"

    "... so don’t expect this to ever be fully completed and ready to play."

    Did someone take a whizz in your cheerios this morning, compadre?


    Luke plunkets tone at the bigging of this post just seems to further prove the point that the majority of americans hate european games.

    So what if STALKER was buggy, it was one the best games and series to come out in the last decade. Fallout 3 was buggy as hell so was oblivion, but they get free passes because they are american made. The STALKER series imo had an actual story compared to Crysis, and the atmosphere beats the ever living shit over the shit that is the mass effect series.

      absolutely mate... i really liked Fallout3, and was bitterly disappointed by FO:NV, but the Stalker universe, despite being the same essential storyline each game, is consistently creepy and very entertaining.

      The only gripe is that it should have had bucketloads more Russian/Ukrainian folk/rock etc music, instead of that single track the stalkers would play by the fireside (the inclusion of fictional/nonfictional (?) contemporary rock/pop lyrics in the Night Watch book series was a really great touch imho).

    I see a lot of potential with this, but for me a couple of problems are that they're focusing too much on recreating the exact experience from the actual STALKER engine. I'd rather they keep a more Crysis-compatibile interface and textures that look better under Crysis, not STALKER. Also - just me but did the 1st video have naked women attacking the guy? Those bloodsuckers just got a whole lot prettier! :P

    you bastards, now i have another reason for playing stalker again, aside from the brutal horror.

    i hate you all


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