This Bayonetta Figure Pistol Kicks Out A Whopping Price Tag

Putting models together and painting them is not easy. Finishing them and making them look great takes skill. And skill is expensive.

At this weekend's Wonder Festival, a collectible figurine showcase, in Chiba, Japan, Kyoto's "Mr Big" offered completed garage kits of Bayonetta from the self-title action game Bayonetta and Ayane from the fight games Dead or Alive. Mr Big deals in completed garage kits, and the Bayonetta one alone took two months to finish.

The completed Bayonetta was priced at a cool ¥18,000 or $1820, while the Ayane was asking ¥15,000 or $2184. Both come with handsome base stands for the figures, and Bayonetta even has a pair of 1/1 scale glasses.

Attention to detail like this is not cheap! In fact, it's very, very expensive.

超絶美麗な「ベヨネッタ」と「あやね」は驚愕のお値段でした [Gigazine]


    Uh... you guys didn't even do a quick check of conversion rates did you ? 18,000 yen is nowhere near $1,820. it's about $218 US.

    Also, the logic doesn't even work - how can ¥18,000 be $1820, if ¥15,000 is $2184 ?

      Massive +1 for ya...

      Actually, the yen prices are the incorrect ones. If you look at the source, they're supposed to be 180,000 yen and 150,000 yen.

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