This Child Sleeps In A Mario Paradise

Casey Fleser and his wife thought it would be cool to paint their son's room in a Super Mario Bros theme. So they did. And the end result makes the word "theme" sell it a little short.

The room doesn't just have a few bits of Mario-related stuff thrown up on the wall. No, this kid now sleeps in World 1-1 of the classic Nintendo game, from the bottom of the lowest blocks to the top of its bright blue sky.

What makes it extra special is that the pair didn't cheat and use store-bought decals; they instead used grid templates and painted the thing on, pixel by pixel (you can see the templates in the gallery above)

Casey, Mrs Fleser, if you take commissions, Kotaku Tower's lobby could do with a Dragon Roost Island theme, thanks.

[This Year's Stupid Idea]


    Man it'd suck if the kid was a sonic fan...

    But that is unbelievably coooooooooool.....


    EPIC! The fact that they painted it all directly just adds +1 to Awesomeness.

    Some kids have all the luck.....

    So awesome. If I thought my girlfriend (and real estate agent) would let me get away with it, I'd be visiting Bunnings tonight.

    Now thats amazing! Really has an ethereal feel to it just looking at the pictures! Very well done!

    Now all they need to do is paint the roof black and it will have the full "another world" effect.

    This house should be heritage listed.

    yes black roof for sure! i want one!!!

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