This Dog Is Not Afraid Of Dead Space 2 (Or An Xbox 360)

Ashley's dog broke her Xbox 360 while she was in the middle of playing Dead Space 2. That's usually grounds for a sob story, but this one has a happy ending.

The clumsy pooch knocked over her console - which was standing vertically - while Dead Space 2 was in it, ruining both the machine and the game inside.

We'll spare her the "I told you so's" related to standing an old Xbox 360 upright under any circumstances, let alone with a dog running around.

Anyway, after posting about the incident on Twitter, Ashley received a little package in the mail: a replacement copy, signed by the development team, and a custom piece of art admonishing the dog for its console-breaking deeds.

All's well that ends well! Well, except for the countless thousands of other people who have lost games in these circumstances. You guys are shit out of luck.

[the internet comes through! (thank you), via NeoGAF]


    Best article ending ever.


    That was a pretty awesome gesture. Shame it was wasted on someone like her. Followed the link, facepalmed, exited.

    My copy of Dead space has been kept in pristine condition since 2008 and I'm now in process of looking after my copy of Dead Space 2. Do I get a free signed copy? Or do I have to be a careless and stupid to get one?

      Geez man, lighten up. Does everybody have a giant tennis ball signed by Aundrey Aggassi? No. The girl got lucky, give her a break.

    How awesome is that, especially 'cos it was a completely random gesture. Not like she expected it or anything. So cool!

    So she now has a copy of Dead Space 2, and no xbox to play it on?

    Aw man, the same thing happened to me, although instead of Dead Space it was Rainbow Six: Vegas.

    Dammit why didn't I post on Twitter

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