This Game Lets You Play With Your Friends, Even When They Don't Want To

Gunshine is an upcoming MMO that's being worked on by a bunch of former Remedy (Max Payne) developers. It's also being funded by the former Crown Prince of Sony Computer Entertainment, Phil Harrison. So let's have a look at it.

Supporting four-player co-op and running in a browser, Gunshine looks like Saturday Morning Syndicate, and so far doesn't sound that interesting. This bit does, though: it lets you play multiplayer even when your friends aren't around for it.

How that works is that your buddy's characters are saved on the server, and if you want to play co-op and they're not there, the AI will "borrow" the character and play for them. They obviously won't get free loot or stats from this, but it helps you get a game going on those lonely days.

[via Rock Paper Shotgun]


    I think your buddy should get free loot and stats. Wouldn't it be nice to log on and see that your mate took you along for a ride and you got something for it?

      Of course, who doesn't want stuff for free?
      But that detracts from actually playing the game, and they'd want you to do that in order to view the ads or buy the premium items or...maximize whatever other method they're using to make money.
      Which is totally fair enough.

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