This Game You're Paying For Before It's Even Out

Interstellar Marines is a video game unlike your standard sci-fi shooter. Instead of being backed by a publisher, its developers are instead taking money from fans now, who will get the game when it's done.

Zero Point Software, the indie developers behind the game, believe it's the best way to go about getting a quality, polished game into player's hands without having to worry about a big publisher giving them orders (and taking a big cut of the profits).

The project has been around for years - and I've sadly just noticed we've written nothing on it previously, hence the brief above - with those brave enough to contribute money now rewarded with access to the gradual release of playable sections of the game, in the form of tutorials, multiplayer levels, new weapons, etc.

You can catch a new trailer for the game below, which while doubling as a dreaded developer diary, actually does a good job of fleshing out the studio's radical funding method.

If this all looks neat, some sections of the game are playable and free to all-comers, and you can access them at the link below.

[Interstellar Marines]


    The whole *feel* of it seems awesome. Looking forward to the next demo. That music is good too.

    The game looks simply beautiful. I haven't seen such a realistic atmosphere implemented so well to a fps since all shooters were made for consoles. I was immersed in the video itself... Can't wait to play a full version of it.

    Two words. Space sharks.

    wasn't this based in the Alien* universe

      I believe you're thinking of "Colonial Marines", a game that was supposed to be released a while back from a larger developer that seems to have been canned.

    So far this looks very slick!

    Games development going the way of indie music?
    This is great news...if they can pull it off.

    Dude... awesome...
    space dog sharks!

    Great to see IM coming along. Stunning when you realise that it uses Unity and can be played in your browser without graphic acceleration.

    I don't get it? It just looks like FEAR or something?

    Everything they mentioned has been done in countless FPS games...

    I love the funding model and the passion, but do we need another space-marine game. Seriously? I still love playing Halo Reach, and used to love playing AvP way back on the Atari Jaguar, but I can't really get excited by yet another space marine story, it immediately limits the narrative in so many ways.

    When is someone going to do a District 9 type thing, where the characters act more like people would in extreme situations. Where people just crack, run away and leave you to it, panic, be heroic, be random, get overwhelmed, try to pull off more than is possible etc. and are not some 12yr old's dream of a steroid enhanced testosterone freakazoid?

    I have enjoyed that type of game, but it has been done, done, done. Alan Wake and Heavy Rain were interesting experiments, I'd love to see a real fps that takes a totally different tack, and I'd pay up front for it. Give me Halo mixed with a bit of Black, mixed with Amnesia and make the characters a bit more real and flawed. Mix it up a bit!

    ''You WILL believe''

    Thats very assuming! A product that says that it's going to be great but not how, just like every other big game developer.

      "just like every other big game developer."

      You must've missed the part where this is a studio of 8 dudes.

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