This Is Not A PlayStation 3 Ad, But It Should Be

You are looking at the first thing that 29-year-old Ben McCambridge claims to have ever directed. Not bad for a first-timer, because this is awesome.

McCambridge is an assistant editor working in Los Angeles, cutting commercials. "I've worked on dozens of commercials and thought I'd try my hand at making one myself," he tells Kotaku. "At the end of the day I made it because I'm a gamer, wrote it down, and liked the idea."

Shelling out $US6000 from his own pocket, McCambridge was able to create this ad, spending most of the money on shooting permits in Los Angeles. Six grand is peanuts compared to what most big commercials cost.

This is how McCambridge sees the PS3, as a world where kids, young and old, can escape from real world and enter other worlds. No, he hasn't shown this ad to Sony, but simply created it on spec. Because he loves moving pictures and because, like you and me, he loves video games.

"Who knows, maybe Sony will see it an take an interest," he says. "Imagine what the spot would look like with a budget!"


    Awesome...This guys should do all Sony's ads, at least in Australia seeing ours suck compared to the American ads.

    To use it you'd have to take the schoolyard brawl out of it, especially to use it here with our government's current bullying code red stance.

      From what I took from it, the kid was standing up to the bully. Something kids these days dont do enough of, hell, I stood up to my first bully, and we have been best mates since.

    A segment that features 6-year-olds playing war video games isn't a good idea - that shit isn't appropriate for children and it's rated accordingly.

    And I'm about 50% certain that the astronaut kid is Max Burkholder.

    Makes me want to play in the real world, or incourage kids to do that.

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