This Is The Summer Of Serious Sam 3

This Is The Summer Of Serious Sam 3

2011 looks to be the year of explosive, testosterone-fuelled, old-school shooters, now that Serious Sam developer Croteam has pegged its next game, Serious Sam 3, for a (northern) summer release.

Roman Ribaric, CEO of the Croatian developer, made a brief announcement of an announcement on the official Croteam site today, writing “Just a quick note to let all Serious Sam fans know that Serious Sam 3: BFE is coming this summer 2011.” The developer has released the first two games in the series as Serious Sam HD: The First Encounter and Serious Sam HD: The Second Encounter via Xbox Live Arcade. (And they’re on sale until Sunday.)


  • They also released SSHD TFE and TSE on PC/Steam as well (actually before the XBLA ports).

    What does “BFE” stand for?

    • Dont know… Croteam hasnt released what BFE stands for, my prediction is it Before Forever, taking a dig at Duke Nukem Forever.

  • Im glad to see that the old school games are coming back… fuck Halo and CoD tards they dont know real games are. Duke Nukem, Serious Sam and all we need is Doom 4 to be released this year and we have ourselves one hell of a good year for games, it looks like the game industry are getting back to what made games fun – all out, unrealistic run and gun action shooters.

  • Is that the official image released with the press statement? These guys need to ditch the realism and market it with a Team Fortress 2 art style. The original (two) Serious Sam’s jaw is perfect for it!

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