This Is What Dead Island (The Game) Looks Like

Last week, the makers of zombie action game Dead Island released an unforgettable trailer for their upcoming game. They also released new screen shots of this undead paradise and they look pretty damn good too.

Developer Techland has a lot to live up to, based on the excitement surrounding their cinematic trailer, but these new shots of the game, full of gore and bikinis - and... is that a zombie in a straitjacket? - give us hope. Dead Island is slated to hit the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC later this year.

Is it on your must-have list yet?


    Free-roaming, first person, tropical setting zombie role-playing game? Yes please.

    Most def. I've added this to the wishlist already :D



    I am really hoping for local co-op in this game, I see it as something my girlfriend and I could get lost in very easily.

    Open world version of Comdemned style first person beat em up would be pretty good.

    Yeah the trailer pretty much sealed the deal for me.

    This looks promising. I hope they don't ruin it with time limits (yes, I'm looking at you Dead Rising series).

    I read that as...

    This is what it looks like, and this is as close as you're going to get to playing it.

    The game is based on the element that was banned from Left For Dead 2.

      what element is that?

        Melee combat...they dont like you cracking open 'humans' with axes too much...

          Really? While that may have played a part, I understood that L4D2 got banned here because of the distinction between "infected" and "zombie".
          As in, L4D's enemies were still living humans, whereas in other zombie games they are people who have died and come back to life.

            The version that got passed had infected... it just didn't include melee weapons.

        Melee combat.

          It wasn't the fact that it was melee combat, it was the "intensity" of it. Also, the dismemberment caused by certain melee weapons. What's there looks fine to me, it's not that far removed from something like Dead Rising 2.

          Not sure that a melee based game in first person is the best idea. I can't remember how Condemned worked. Was there any depth to it?

          I thought it had something to do with the "relentless violence and killing". Something hinting at the pace of the mass slaughter. Also I think all the dead bodies were an issue.
          So I guess it is OK to kill but we have to do it a little slower and not trample on the piles of dead afterwards.

    I can't wait for this game. Hopefully it will feature some sort of multiplayer. A survival mode like the one from L4D could be cool.

    Absolutely awesome... this is a must buy :)

    Do want, especially after that darned trailer.

    Some Minecraft Survival mode-like content would make the game very, very interesting. Gather resources during the day (only food and weapons rather than cobblestone and coal) and survive during the night.

    Banned by OFLC in 3...

    So far this looks a lot like Dead Rising: Vacation. In first person.

    I'm quietly optimistic that's a mostly good thing.


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