This Is What Diablo III Looked Like A Long Time Ago

There's still a chance we'll get to play the highly anticipated third Diablo game in 2011. Whenever we do get Blizzard's next big action role-playing game, it will look like a very different beast from the canned 2005 version.

The Diablo III we'll eventually play on our PCs will be much more colourful - too vibrant for some - than the version Blizzard North was making half a decade ago. The battle plan back then was to take the hack and slash action to from Hell to Heaven, based on previously circulated rumours and artwork posted online by former Blizzard North employees.

As one can see in the Diablo III screen shots in the gallery above, Blizzard North's vision for the third entry hewed closely to the previous entry as the series made the jump from 2D to 3D graphics.


    Are you kidding me?

    Those screens look AMAZING.

      Are YOU kidding ME?

      These look dated and awful and have no flavour to them. They look so generic and souless. The new art style may be more colourful and storybook then we'd like but it beats the pants off this oldhat nightmare hands down.

        Yeah man, that unfinished game from 2005 looks so bad! OP is right, game did look amazing.

        This is the worst posting on the united states. All who disconcur with the master opinion shall burn in hell FOREVER. DIE!

        You're clearly just another of the unintelligent people having no taste for good games.

      Agreed with @Shoitaan, these may be 2005 screens but they look like 1998.

      You got that 1 right.

      You got that 1 right (Brennand).

    This could've been a decent sequel to Diablo if it was released in 2004. Although the heaven idea seems a little uninspired.

    I've never played a Diablo game.


      You're not missing much.
      Do you know how to click sprites on a screen? Yes? Well you've played Diablo then.

        So... it's like minesweeper?

          No, Minesweeper is more fun and challenging


            i thought i was the only person who never got into Diablo.

            i must say, the third on is looking interesting though

            I like how people try and present their opinions as fact, the fact is that your opinion doesn't mean anything, the fact is that Diablo was an extremely innovative game.

        Clearly you have poor taste if that's all you think Diablo is actually about. I feel sorry for you.

      Mate. go out and get Titan Quest or Torchlite. Graphicaly more pleasing on the eye and it has the same gameplay. That will give you a great idea of what the game was like.

      If you like Titan Quest or Torchlite, then get the Diablo 2 battle chest. It has the game and the expansion pack. Mind you, you have to get past the graphics first. They are somewhat dated.

    They do look alright - for 2005. Though to be honest I'm one of the few that likes the new art direction. As Blizzard have said themselves one of the reasons for the addition of colour is the ability to differentiate all the characters and movement when the screen is chock full of action. All of the demos i've seen back this up.

    The new art style definitely wins over this one without even trying. That is way way too rigid, and really just boring.

    Good move by the new team I say.

    And people complain of the art style of the current one...

    Ughh this looks horrible, I'm glad they scrapped it and went with the new art direction, while it does show a larger set of colours which some believe to be too bright in the new one, it still is dark and sexy like D1 and D2. I really can't wait.

    They just look wonderful. And these are from a game that at the very beginning of the development from 2003-2005.

    The current developers should be ashamed of themselves because the new d3 looks a lot worse than the old d3 screenshots from 6-8 years ago. That old d3 which did not even come to the point of pre-alpha.

      This old Diablo 3 of Blizzard N. looks several times better than the new released of Blizzard E.

    Jeeze, some people...
    "baawwww bawwww, these screenshots from a super-old version of the game like sooo ooolllld"

    I don't see much wrong with those pics at all. I guess the old heaven isn't heaven-y enough for people without rainbows and unicorns and clouds with smiling faces. You know what I'm talkin' about.

      Agreed man.
      Those people thinking the old Diablo 3 looks bad..
      Are nothing but great idiots.

    I'm very glad they took the time to get to where they are now. This version just wouldn't have been Blizzard quality. Keep up the good work I say.

    looks better than what we are getting.

    So far I've thought most of the unfinished in-game D3 art (until very recently) has looked a bit sub-standard. But I just take a deep breath and chant the mantra: "trust them; they're Blizzard..."

    Loving the Heaven architect. Looks like it could have shaped up nicely.

    As for all those saying its "generic" and "boring": Did you even play Diablo 1? It was gray walls/gray floors for the majority of the game and then it turned into brown walls/brown floors with some lava, then finally red wall/red floor. What part of D1's art was not boring as sin?

    I wouldn't care if they didn't update the art from D2! JUST BRING IT OUT ALREADY!!!

    Looks like Titan Quest

      I think you got it the wrong way around =)

    D1 also came out in 1996, probably wasn't a whole lot more they could have done. Why would you want it to look the same anyway?

    See, now THAT looks like Diablo. Not the World of Diablocraft that we currently have. And of course the graphics are gonna look a bit dated, it was 2005...

    i don't know about you, but they should release whatever they got finished on the 2005 version as a way to kill time and to satisfy me as i wait for the proper release.

    looks dated, but i'd still play it.

    regardless of all the bitching that has taken place in last 30 comments, i would agree with the new art direction.

    so what diablo 3 has "foliage" and a bit of colour, who gives a fuck.

    these screenshots of the 2005 d3 dont live up to the diablo we've all played, if you want to see this type of terrain go down into a basement.

    all i can say is bring on D3 2011!!!

    ~yours osiris

    i would rather play diablo 3 looking a bit dated but more true to the series like in those screens than this colorful, cartoony shit they are trying to pass as diablo. the team making d3 isnt the same team that made the other ones, their pretty much going with fuck the fans that have been playing since the beginning, and going for the world of warcraft crowd. thanks blizzard. looks like ill be playing median 2012 past 2012.

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