This Powerful Pokémon Is Only Available For A Limited Time

The countdown begins when Pokémon Black and Pokémon White launch on March 6, giving trainers a little over a month to catch mythical Pokémon Victini before it disappears.

Fire and psychic powers come together for the first time in Victini, the Pokémon so mythical it's Pokédex number is 000. Players purchasing Pokémon Black and Pokémon White for the Nintendo DS on Sunday, March 6 will have until April 10 to download a Liberty Pass from the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection service. It's that pass that allows them to take possession of this singularly special pocket monster, and once it's gone, it's gone for good.

Or at least until The Pokémon Company decides to make it available again.

I might be waiting until the 3DS comes out to enter the Unova region, and by that time I will have completely forgotten about Victini. Don't be a Fahey.


    I hate limited edition Pokemon. How am I supposed to catch them all if not all of them are available for capture?

      Agreed. Though it was even worse back in the day when you had to go to the shopping centre events to get them (if we were lucky enough to even get them in Australia :P). At least now you can download most of them.

      Action Replay 9 times out of 10, or at least people can dupe fakes to resemble it as close as possible

      Firstly Good Morning Kotaku Readers!

      Today you will be learning about... Pokemon!

      Are you a boy or a girl...

      What is your name....

      Did you know that Pokemon...

      1. If you buy Pokemon on the day it's out, in your country you will be able to collect every Pokemon available on that game.

      2. Before the internet was even implemented, you could still receive every Pokemon on that purchased game. Nintendo built the Gameboy with serial ports for multiplayer and among other uses, a link to computers used to transfer limited edition Pokemon at local events.

      3. Since 1998 you can transfer Pokemon from one system to another, therefore keeping your entire Pokedex. Basically completely backwards compatible.

      4. When Pokemon Diamond / Pearl came out, you have been able to download, from the internet legit copies of the limited edition Pokemon. This requires the correct date told by Nintendo and an internet or local Wi-Fi connection. Sometimes Including an actual event locally, or at even some McDonalds (In Japan they certainly do).

      5. All Pokemon are categorized within the Pokedex and have unique-individual stats. EV's and later on natures etc. On the newer games it is possible to tell if the Pokemon is cheated or hacked (As some person suggested). If you look at the descriptions where it tells vast information about the Pokemon in question. You will find that it tell's the owner where the Pokemon was found amoung other stat's.

      6. This is all true, although 99% of the time what is stated above cannot be said. There may have been SOME Pokemon, still unable to catch or only available on certain hard to get (Japanese) Games. And other small issues, but you get the point.

      Now my Question is:


      A 20hr race through the game, to beat the elite four?

      It is an enormous effort, and a fun one at that.

      You can't cheat that title or goal.

      Oh and did you know you can never actually beat Pokemon... I mean it's based on the lives of trainers. And the achievements they receive with their Pokemon.

      Sorry for the rant, an barely relevant information it has been a long night.

      I hope I have inspired others to have another look at this amazing title.

      Now... to buy a stack of Gameboy's and all the Pokemon games again... This shall be a tough achievement. If only I had kept my Pokemon since I was a kid. My team would still be with me > <

      Has anyone kept all their original Pokemon!?

        100% cannot be said*

        I need to sleep really badly...

    I still have a copy of pokemon red somewhere with mew on it...

    Only today did I get an email from Nintendo informing me of the current ongoing event, which is the Johto legend trio with special moves (and shiny!). Only problem is each one is a available for one week, and it's already on the last one with only a few days to go!

    They're quick to advertise all their casual games but always forget to even mention their traditional ones.

    so if you set your DS' date back before 10 April it'll be avaliable?

    Also does anyone else think Victini looks like C&B?

      No it won't because the Nintendo Wifi is sent out from a server, that server is turned off when they finish the event.

    In my heart, Missingno will always be Pokemon 000.

    They totally made victini and this event to sell more copies when it comes out.

    People (for good reason) often call them out on these events.

    But they're not made for people like us, they're for hardcore completionists, which form a large % of the Japanese gaming demographic.

    Wondered why your last JRPG has the most ridiculous RNG mechanics, forcing you to save scum hundreds of times to get that 0.1% drop weapon from the boss which you can only kill once? It's for THESE people.

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