This PS3 Smashes Up Real Nice

We're big fans of the classy way French gaming mag Amusement handles its visuals. If you're not, maybe you should check these out.

The spread, called TRONIFIED! in honour of the recent-ish release of Tron Legacy, shows a range of everyday appliances getting, well, Tronified. Which is really just an excuse to show what it would be like if discs were thrown at them, smashing them up.

Among the items pulverised (well, digitally pulverised, anyway, since these aren't real photos) in the name of art were a DualShock 3, which slices apart beautifully, and a PlayStation 3, which snipped open like that makes it look like a giant, tasty poptart.

TRONIFIED [Amusement]

While you're at it, check out another Tron-inspired spread from the mag, which shows a light cycle race through real city streets.


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