This Strategy Game Could Be The Best Of Both Worlds

Indie studio Brain Candy is working on a game called Fray, which it describes as a "turn-based, multiplayer, real-time strategy game". Hrm. Let's see how they explain that little contradiction.

Fray sounds a lot like Bullfrog's classic Syndicate, at least in terms of general setting: the world is a dark place, corporations are running the show and you take control of a team of four men who are killing machines.

Once you actually start a mission, though, is where things get a little different. It's turn-based, ala X-Com, with the promised "real-time" element coming from the fact all players make their moves at the same time. Then, when their moves are up, the entire battle is played out in a cinematic fashion, everything smashing together in real time.

Sounds interesting! We'll be taking another look at Fray when it's shown off at this year's Game Developers Conference.


    Combat Mission did that turn-based/real-time thing...

    Sounds quite interesting.

    Also; funny that the tanked up armour is 'light'. Curious to see what heavy armour looks like!

      Heavy also has a sandvich in his hand. ;)

    Put it on Steam and I will buy it, Straight up I like the look, I like the concept and I loved both X-COM and Syndicate.

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