This Theme Park Is Like Disneyland For Starcraft, WoW Fans

This Theme Park Is Like Disneyland For Starcraft, WoW Fans

Joyland, a Chinese theme park due to open its doors in May this year, looks to be at least partly inspired by the games of Blizzard Entertainment.

The park, located in Changzhou, is built around the idea of taking “key scenery in cyber-games and [rebuilding]them into reality, enabling visitors to interact between the real and the virtual world”. It’ll feature traditional rides as well as locations for “cyber-gaming” (so, internet cafes).

That’s all well and good until you look at the names of the park’s different areas. There’s the “Terrain of Warcraft”. Not like World of Warcraft at all, that. There’s also the “Universe Of Starcraft”. Which is, well, it actually goes and uses the word “Starcraft”, albeit in a font where you could easily mistake “Starcraft” for “Storcroft”.


Other familiar-looking sections include “Moles World”, which looks a lot like Dr. Suess’ Landing from Universal Studio’s Islands of Adventure, the park’s logo, which again looks very similar to that of Islands of Adventure, and this appearance from Assassin’s Creed star Altair.

Sure, this stuff may all be totally above-board, but there’s not a single Blizzard or Ubisoft logo to be found on the park’s website, so make of that what you will.

Before you cry hoax, it appears the park is at least in some manner “real”, as these construction shots from 2010 reveal. You can also see a video of the park’s progress to your left. Whether it’ll actually make its May opening date – or whether it’ll open in any state similar to these promo images – remains to be seen.

If this stuff does turn out to be “borrowed” from existing properties and not officially licensed, it of course wouldn’t be anything new for China. A theme park recently copied Japanese mech icon Gundam, while there’s a bootleg Disneyland in Beijing.

We’ve contacted Blizzard for comment, and will update if we hear back.

[Joyland, via G4]


  • I still have in my head plans for what could be a great Nintendo park.

    Think of this – coming into the park into a shopping area themed around Animal Crossing. A huge Mario land (with a seaside bit from Sunshine) with at least a relatively kid-friendly coaster and lots of kid-friendly rides (and of course Luigi’s mansion for a ghost train). A jungle area with a Donkey Kong mine train ride and some sort of Pikmin attraction. A futuristic area with a duelling Star Fox coaster (like Dueling Dragons at Islands of Adventure) and a Metroid shooting ride (like Men In Black at Universal). There’d have to be a Pokemon area with everything Pokemon-related, including random animatronic Pokemon that pop up out of the scenery at particular times (but only a handful of times a day) – if you have a DS with you you can connect to it and get the Pokemon in the games. A Hyrule area (with both castle and lots of water) with a town market area, stables (double as a petting zoo) and some form of roller coaster and water ride.

  • Wow ripping off international copyrights, this is by far the worst thing that China has ever done. Who cares about human rights abuses this should be reason enough for international action.

  • Starry Night Ripper should be a great ride. The same coaster designers make some excellent coasters here in the U.S. like Tatsu at Six Flags Magic Mountain & Manta at SeaWorld Orlando.

    Ever hear of Japan’s Nara Dreamland? That was a blatant, and I mean blatant rip off of Disneyland. It’s now been reduced to another creepy abandoned amusement park, but it’s amazing that Disney never came after the park. The similarities there were pretty undeniable.

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