This Week In Games

This Week In Games

This Week In GamesThis week is quiet. As in coffin quiet. Quiet as a dead mouse. In a coffin. Quiet to the extent that I almost thought about scrapping this post. But what the hell – one of the games is a pretty big deal so let’s get this thing kicking.

Def Jam: Rapstar What is it? Singstar for people too insecure to bawl ‘I Wanna Know What Love Is’ at the top of their lungs, then dissolve into a barrage of man-tears. So, yeah. It’s a rap version of Singstar. Should you care? Honestly, if you’re a fan of Hip Hop, this is a surprisingly good package with a solid tracklist.

Marvel vs Capcom: The Fate of Two Worlds What is it? Threequel to one of the greatest fighting franchises in the golf ham universe. Should you care? Our only regret is that they didn’t manage to shoehorn Phoenix Wright in there. Besides that, you should really, really care. It looks great.


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