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This week is quiet. As in coffin quiet. Quiet as a dead mouse. In a coffin. Quiet to the extent that I almost thought about scrapping this post. But what the hell - one of the games is a pretty big deal so let's get this thing kicking.

Def Jam: Rapstar What is it? Singstar for people too insecure to bawl 'I Wanna Know What Love Is' at the top of their lungs, then dissolve into a barrage of man-tears. So, yeah. It's a rap version of Singstar. Should you care? Honestly, if you're a fan of Hip Hop, this is a surprisingly good package with a solid tracklist.

Marvel vs Capcom: The Fate of Two Worlds What is it? Threequel to one of the greatest fighting franchises in the golf ham universe. Should you care? Our only regret is that they didn't manage to shoehorn Phoenix Wright in there. Besides that, you should really, really care. It looks great.


    I wish the roster for MvC3 was a little bigger - although, no doubt it will be beefed up in DLC.

    I honestly can't wait to get my paws on this game. MvC is seriously the greatest series of fighters ever.


    Now just to wait for it to get a little cheaper.. lol

      Ozgameshop have MvC3 for $56, if you're interested.

    Another good week for me. This not having any games out that I have a vague interest in is doing my wallet wonders. :D

    I'm still bummed that there was no "You Don't Know Jack" last week.

    On a brighter note I hope M vs C is as approachable as Streetfighter 4 was.

      I've heard reports that it's almost as easy to pick up as Smash Bros. Which sounds great to me because I'm sick of sucking at SSF4.

      SFIV never really struck me as an approachable game? Probably has one of the hardest learning curves ever.

        I found it easy to pick up the basics and from there to master was quite a curve. Compared to blazeblue and a few other games I found it very easy.

          I will agree that Blazblue is much harder to pick up than Street fighter but still, SF takes a bit of time to master. Especially if you're playing someone weak like Vega.

            Play a different character till you pick it up.
            I suck with long combo strings, sticking combos with shoryuken motions, and focus cancelling, but I play with Bison and crush(kinda) in that SSFIV due to having down just one bnb combo (c.lp, s.lp, into l.scissors) and using Bison's mind games to my advantage.
            Got something like 11000 bp.
            Only game I actually go well at, consistently.
            I feel like a game like MVC3, I'd suck at.

    Can't wait for MvC3. Pre-ordered the superior collectors edition from America and paid the extra $40 for the express shipping. Since the AUd is on parity with the USd, I paid the same amount as I would have paid for the CE here in Oz, but with more stuff to boot :D. Which team should I main?

    I'm pretty sure that Pheonix Wright is in there - the internet doesn't lie:




    Im out. I should take a break. Gonna lie down and recuperate.

    Wow... I somewhat thought this week was next week and Killzone 3 was due out... oh well, another week of saving funds!

    Wow. That is more than a huge deal. It's the biggest game to come out this decade!

    By the way, what's this marvel vs capcom thing about?

    what platform is MvC coming out on? Xbox live arcade?

    I'm gonna take someone for a ride so hard.

    Wake me when the good stuff is out!

    I'm glad I put my order in with amazon for the MvC3 special edition when it was announced as its been sold out for about a month now.

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