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After last week's bonanza of wallet busting releases, this week is a little more subdued, with nothing really mind blowing being released. Fight Night Champion and Rift are the clear contenders however, and as a fan of the Fight NIght series I'm looking forward to seeing how they integrate a rollicking narrative into the game's structure.

Dawn of War II: Retribution (PC) What is it? The second stand alone expansion to the Dawn of War II series. Should you care? This is a niche release specifically for fans. I'm not a fan - but you might be!

Fight Night Champion (360/PS3) What is it? New entry into the Fight Night franchise featuring an all-new 'rookie/underdog fights through the ranks despite interfering family members and conflict between money and honor in this corrupt boxing industry' storyline. Does the previous sentence even make sense - probably not. Should you care? I say yes. I love Fight Night. What say you?

Gray Matter (PC) What is it? Wow! A point and click adventure game! Should you care? It's from the creator of the Gabriel Knight games, and apparently it's a bit of alright.

Rift (PC) What is it? A new monstrous MMO. Should you care? We wonder if MMO fans can peel their glazed eyeballs from World of Warcraft for long enough to realise this exists.

Wild West Shootout (Wii) What is it? Some sort of shovelware 'shooty' game. Should you care? If people buy this after totally not buying the awesome Red Steel 2, I will punch myself in the testicles.


    After not buying Red Steel 2, I am tempted to buy Wild West Shootout. :p

      I too will do this, just so Mark punches himself in the Mommy-Daddy bits.

    Let's face it, we're all poised with Baited breath for Dragon Age 2.

    Yes, I made that pun.

      Oh Maker's breath!

    I got into the Rift BETA... I downloaded all 8 gigs (or was it 6???) of the install, only to be told by the installer that it had to start all over again....

    I promptly swore profusely with the end result being that rift can go F itself...

      I was in the Rift beta too. Believe me when I say you aren't missing anything.

        Oh, well that's a plus then.. still doesn't get my 6-8 gigs back, though

    Got a preorder on DOWII:Retribution but might cancel it. I was so keen on Chaos Rising when it came out even though I don't play Chaos. This game, just isn't grabbing me... :(

    Mark is right in saying its a Niche game but buy getting rid of the squad based stuff for a more military, build buildings send army approach... its not really for its Niche customer base anymore. I liked the tight, brutal squad based action :(

    Nothing for me... but I just read this...

    " I’m looking forward to seeing how they integrate a rollicking narrative into the game’s structure."


    " I’m looking forward to seeing how they integrate a rickrolling narrative into the game’s structure.

    and thought WTF is wrong with me!

    Mark didn't you learn after you made a Nintendo related bet last time? :P

    Unfortunately have to buy Retribution from EB, the only place that has the full preorder bonus pack (as opposed to the seperate pieces the other retailers have)... THQ gain another +1 in giant asshatness.

      I'd say save the money and buy elsewhere. I don't getting a couple of extra items for each race in single-player is really worth it (this is coming from someone who'll only play Orks/Eldar, and maybe a bit of Chaos, though).

    Another week, another snoozefest! haha!

    Isn't Pixeljunk Shooter 2 also due out this week? Don't know if it includes AUS PSN, hopefully it does but we often get screwed on PSN release dates.

      It should be, but these posts only cover games from retail.

    Looking forward to *finally* being able to play the DA2 demo this week (hmph).

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