This Week In Gaming

This Week In Gaming

This Week In GamingSorry. What just happened? Everyone suddenly decided to release all the big guns from the first quarter in one single bloody week? Is this some sort of weird, collective madness? Go easy on our wallets folks. Sorry everyone, doesn’t matter what your platform of choice is – this week your bank balance is going to feel some pain.

Bulletstorm (360/PS3/PC) What is it? What? Bulletstorm is coming out this week? Wow. That really sprung up on me. This is a game that invents swear words and attempts to add pinball style combos to the first person shooter. Should you care? I’m suffering from major FPS fatigue, but I’m really excited for this. The demo was great, it has a genuine point of difference. Bulletstorm is truly trying something a bit fresh.

de Blob 2 (360/PS3/Wii/DS) What is it? The sequel that blasts monochrome into another dimension with glorious dollops of colour and sound. Should you care? I’ve already fallen in love with this game.

Cities in Motion (PC) What is it? Resource management style game on Steam. Should you care? Just learned of its existence two seconds ago.

Dood’s Big Adventure (Wii) What is it? A game that takes advantage of THQ’s uDraw accessory. Should you care? It’s not for us folks.

Dreamcast Collection (360) What is it? Exactly what it says on the tin. Should you care? Kinda – but poor choices we reckon.

Killzone 3 (PS3) What is it? Sony’s Mr Bombastic first person shooter. Should you care? If you’re a PS3 owner, this should be a major priority. It’s monstrous.

Kirby’s Epic Yarn (Wii) What is it? Mega cute platformer. Mega months late. Should you care? I’m still interested in this one. But I like weird things like this.

Pictionary (Wii/DS) What is it? Another game that takes advantage of uDraw (on the Wii at least). Should you care? Nah.

Tactics Ogre (PSP) What is it? Some sort of niche remake of an old JRPG Should you care? Not really my thing, personally.


  • Tactic ogre should be pretty awesome.. but i played ogre battle on a snes emulator and kinda cheated which made it all the more enjoyable back in the day… so i may have to think about that one.

    De Blob 2 – looks AMAZINGLY AWESOME, but i’ll be waiting to see if i can win a copy 🙂

    Kirbies Epic Yarn – I will definately be getting this… once it comes down in price.

    Bulletstorm – i have been waiting for this FOR AGES!!! Now that it’s finally here i still don’t have the cash for it, so it’ll just have to wait for a tiny bit.

    • Tactics Ogre is actually different to Ogre Battle. This one plays more like Final Fantasy Tactics (FFT essentially being based on TO), except this remake has more unit classes and branching story paths than the original.

  • Getting a little excited about Bulletstorm. It feels like a bit of fresh air after countless realistic ‘tactical’ shooters to just let loose and kill some bad guys. I think it also has a great Unreal feel to it which is something I miss.

    • Bulletstorm’s the only thing I’m interested in here. Not sure if I’ll even buy it this week, but we’ll see.

      I tried the Killzone 3 demo and I didn’t like the way it handled. While it’s great graphics I can’t imagine having fun playing it.
      Plus they wasted those amazing crisp visuals on Killzone’s dark industrial theme. Pass.

      • Apparently after the dull beginnings, you are plonked into the alien world of the helghast. It looks realllly colourful, and very interesting. I’m still not getting it until a bloody fps on the ps3 uses the god damn mouse support!

  • I’m wondering what platform would be best for De Blob 2?
    Generally for multi-platform games I go for the PS3 version, but I don’t have Move yet and this series began on Wii so I’m guessing either Wii or PS3 with Move would be the ultimate versions?

    • Think of all the HD goodness with the PS3! And at least with the PS3 version, you can play it with the Move or Dualshock, I heard with the first one, there were some waggle bits that were annoying.

    • Go for PS3, strange.
      Imagine all the vibrant and beautiful colors… and how they won’t be present on the Wii version 😛

  • Dammit. Damn you wallet. I’ll probably wait for a couple of weeks until it’s my birthday then get Killzone 3. Schwwweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet.

    Kirby’s Epic Yarn looks cool, too bad I don’t have a Wii. Also, why was the AU release delayed so much? It’s been a good 4+ months since it was out in the US, right?

    Bulletstorm….eh. I can imagine myself getting bored after the first 20 minutes. Probably will end up borrowing it from a friend or something. Or hopefully it ends up dirt cheap on Steam at the end of the year.

    And de Blob 2….I want to win you!

  • Killzone 3 – day 1 for sure.

    I’ll wait for the reviews on Bulletstorm… the demo was a bit of fun, but I suspect it might wear out its welcome a bit before it’s finished – once the joke wears off it could just become annoying. Maybe a < $50 purchase for me.

    de Blob 2 wasn't really on my radar until about a week ago, but now it's a definite possibility. But not in the same week as KZ3.

  • Bulletstorm! I’m so going to play that then go out and rape some women, because Fox News is always right when it comes to that stuff. Hell, I even bought that virtual sex game “Mass Effect”. The graphic sex in that game should have been illegal.

    Oh wait, that’s right….

  • Insta-buy!
    Killzone 3 Helghast Edition – As mentioned by Mark, it should be on all PS3 owners lists, it’s the PS3 Halo, just better! :p

    de Blob 2 – Such a fun game, something to get completely lost in and not worry about the world!

    Price Needs To Seriously Drop Purchases
    Kirby’s Epic Yarn – Too late, too expensive, will need to be under $50 and perhaps even 2nd hand!

    Bulletstorm – It’s an arcade game, but I can’t help feel as though I would be bored with this very early on.

    Not Going To Happen Anytime Soon
    Dreamcast Collection (360) – I still can’t believe they only dropped 4 games on the disc, many of which have already been released by themselves.

    • to be fair the DC collection is only 49 bucks so its not so bad for 4 games

      but it also has up down left right chu chu chu

      which means instabuy for me :p

      • lol, fair enough, got the PS2 version of that.

        Guess I expected more though, with the SEGA MD collection packing in about 30+ games, despite DC games being alot larger, kinda hoped they would at least make an effort with more than 4 titles.

        2 of which already released on PSN/Live and the other 2 I believe were at the very least announced to be coming at some point, just no dates set…

    • Of this generation of consoles, I have a Wii and a PS3, but I found Halo’s mechanics, story and design to be much more satisfying and engaging than Killzone’s. Even though Killzone 3 looks yummers.

  • Well.. Im going to that Sydney ISA Killzone thingy this tueday (getting flown over from Brissy). So Killzone 3 is a deffos day 1 buy for me. Unless ofcourse I win the Helghast Edition at Sydney first…

  • The true irony of the De Blob 2 contest is that nobody is going to buy the game until they know for sure that they haven’t won it, thus reducing initial sales.

  • I just started and finished Killzone2 last week, and was ultra-pissed at the ending which basically said, sorry about all the hours you just put into the game, it was all pointless and you’re back where you started. Even the Halo2 ending wasn’t as annoying. And the cheapshot of stupidly hard end battle that did bugger all except artificially extend the play.

    DOn’t know if I can be bothered with Killzone 3 after that, I’ll probably pick it up when it drops to half price.

  • I -would- get Tactics Ogre, but it’s only on a dead platform that was never significantly supported in this country…

    Bulletstorm is appealing, but I’m not supporting the markup on Steam that EA seem to think we deserve. Wait for Sale, in my opinion.

    • PSP is a great platform if you [CENSORED] it. It’s the best emulation machine you could want, and the amount of great [CENSORED] is awesome. Marvel VS Capcom 1, baby!

    • Is anyone else jack of people referring to the PSP as a ‘dead console’. Just because the UMD’s aren’t on the shelves doesn’t mean there isn’t a bunch of amazing games available, many released recently, and more coming in the future.

      Embrace the PSN store, and sites like, and you’ll realise the little tyke is far from dead.
      Sure there are some localization waits ala Monster Hunter Portable 3rd, God Eater Burst, etc, but after almost 5 years, it still gets a serious amount of use. (albeit with some weeks/months downtime here and there.)

  • Just bought MvC3 and I think it will last me quite a few months until Portal 2 is released.

    Maining Storm/Trish/Morrigan (team breasts). I tried Phoenix before Trish but it is such a hassle to keep her alive and maintain a level 5 hyper. I mean Dark Phoenix totally kills everyone (including you-know-who *coughsentinelcough*) but I’d rather be using all 3 characters and be on the offensive the whole time.

  • Oh dam, that really snuck up on me!!!! Too busy attempting to play DC Universe that I totally forgot about bulletstorm and Killzone!

    Sweet, now I’m all excited 🙂

  • I’ve never played Killzone or Killzone 2. Would it be worth me getting Killzone 3 or would I be completely lost and have no idea what the hell’s going on?

    • Just grab yourself a copy and wiki the story of Killzone 1 & 2. you can also go to youtube and use the terms ‘Killzone story’ and Killzone 2 story’.

    • KZ3 pretty much picks up from the end of KZ2, so at the very least you should look at how that ended.

      Overall though, the story isn’t that great to need to play both KZ and KZ2, you could just catch up via Wiki/YouTube…

      The best thing about the KZ series is that the game isn’t a COD clone, the controls and handling aren’t as twitchy and personally I think it feels better!

    • Killzone isn’t about the characters and story development, it’s more about making large explosions that look incredible. And really fun weapons. And it is sexy as hell. If you want something story driven look elsewhere though

    • i played killzone 2 without playing 1 i didn’t really feel lost. I did feel a couple of moments might have meant more to me having played the first but otherwise i don’t think i missed anything

      just hope theres no Valor Grand Cross trophy

      three weeks i was in the top 1% for that thing and the first 2 weeks were super glitched

      • Nope… they have been removed, all the multiplayer ones are quite reasonable…

        The toughest looks to be completing the game on Elite again…

    • Just read the story, it is paper thin anyway, and KZ2 is basically 4 hours of easy missions and then 4 hours of the final stupid mission where you just die every 30 seconds. And then the ‘ending’ just is that the bad guys who you just whipped suddenly from nowhere arrive in overwhelming numbers, so everything you just fought through was for nothing.

  • Yay, im teh odd one out! I also hadn’t heard of Cities in Motion, but it sounds like an awesome game… Then again i sepnt a LONG time playing “traffic giant” years ago 🙂

  • I just checked out the Cities in Motion demo after reading about it here – then promptly appended it to today’s Steam order (Guardian of Light DLC cheap -yays!). It looks like a great little transit sim – pretty without taxing the system too much (even has little people running around), capable without being overly complicated to understand (the route assignment interface is very intuitive), and at $20 is definitely a respectable release price!

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