Three More Fallout: New Vegas Expansions On The Way

Fallout: New Vegas expansion Dead Money will be released for PS3 and PC on February 22, according to the game's publisher Bethesda. That Xbox exclusivity was temporary. Three more expansions will hit all three platforms simultaneously "in the coming months".


    Is anyone else picturing a short, fat publisher rolling around in money and throwing it up in the air?

      I was picturing Bethesda diving into their giant Moneybin in Bethesdaburg ala Scrooge McDuck, but I think it has the same effect :)

    Meh I'm pretty happy :D All at once means quicker GOTY complete edition roll out :D

    agree with previous posters.

    New Vegas will be the last Bethesda game I buy right off the block, even with the FO franchise. GOTY from now on.

    I got more value for money outta Minecraft.

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