Tony Hawk, Music Games Get The Year Off At Activision

There will be no skateboarding games, no music games coming from Tony Hawk and Guitar Hero publisher Activision in 2011. That means no DJ Hero 3 to play and no Tony Hawk games to stand on this year. And, oh yeah, no Guitar Hero games.


    In 2 years time: "Activision has announced that Call of Duty 12: Modern Warfare 4 has been cancelled due to flagging public interest. We now realise that flogging a successful franchise to the point of consumer fatigue is detrimental to it's future profitibalility. Thankyou for your co-operation in helping us achieve this"

    The only one I'm upset about is DJ Hero. Got 1, haven't got 2 yet, but some of the mashups are great.

    Great, Out with the trash!

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