Tron: Legacy Comes To Blu-ray (With The Original Tron!)

Looks like Disney's planning a Blu-ray and DVD disc orgy for the upcoming home video release of 2010's Tron: Legacy. And it looks like that includes the long-awaited release of the 1982 original on Blu-ray as well.

While it appears that Disney hasn't made details on Tron's Blu-ray plans, a handful of four- and five-disc box sets are planned for the video game flick. The priciest looking release—"The Ultimate Tron Experience"—packs in five discs (Blu-ray 3D, Blu-ray, DVD, Digital Copy plus Tron: The Original Classic Special Edition Blu-ray) in a deluxe box set, complete with glowing identity disc.

If you'd prefer something simpler, standalone versions of Tron: Legacy and Tron "Classic" appear to be on the cards.

The Digital Bits has more details on Disney's upcoming Tron and Tron: Legacy releases.

The Tron: Legacy DVD and Blu-ray releases are rumored to pack in some teasers for an upcoming third movie in the series.


    Olivia Wilde was real cute in this flick. That's all I have to add.

      Replace Wilde with Garrett Hedlund and... yes.

      As shallow as it was I wouldn't mind seeing Tron Legacy again. At the least it's 2 hours of some amazing CGI.

        How is it shallow? Or more over how is the original Tron not? Or even more over, what's wrong with shallowness? (hell it's disney)

          I guess I expected to be blown away by a proper story. Shallow in the sense that I didn't walk away with any memory of it other than the cool effects.

          You're right, though, it *is* Disney...

    Looks as pretty as the movie. I want it so bad!

    I don't care what anyone says, I enjoyed it. May have not been the best story but it was entertaining. Definitely going to pick up a copy of the bluray!

    The Bluray pack also allegedly contains the teaser for Tron 3 (whatever it gets called). Aintitcool News broke this news I believe, stating that scenes were shot during 2, for 3, showing Ram from part 1's human alter ego destroying evidence that he was leading a 'Flynn Lives' movement and Quorra being ambushed by the media while pulling up to the ENCOM building and saying she just spoke to Kevin Flynn the day before. Tastiest of all? The human badguy from part 1 turning to Cillian Murphy and saying it's all falling into place.


      Goddamn it the screen didn't totally load and I didn't see the text RE: third movie at the bottom. Apologies. Oh well!

    I love my special editions but this [Blu-ray 3D, Blu-ray, DVD, Digital Copy] is just overkill. Why the hell would you need the DVD if you have TWO versions on Blu-Ray AND the Digital copy?

    Please be all regions, please be all regions, please be all regions, please be all regions, for the love of GOD, Disney, please be all regions.

    That would definatley sell it for me!

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