Turn Your Nintendo DSi Into An Old School Computer

Back in the day, computer programmers used BASIC. Some still do! But for those who missed the BASIC years or for those who'd like to revisit them, there's this.

Petit Computer is a DSiWare title that is, ahem, basically a BASIC interpreter for the Nintendo DSi. The touch screen becomes a virtual keyboard, while the output is display on the top DSi screen. Players can run a pre-loaded shooting game, a Pac-Man style "dot eater" game as well as a role-playing game.

And since it's BASIC, they can make their own games. There are graphics, sound and character editors to help with the programming. Data can be saved in resource files and then used in the creation of one's own custom titles.

The 3DS is around the corner, but it's good to see that DSi isn't getting the short end of the stick. Petit Computer will be out on March 9 in Japan.

プチコン [SmileBoom via Wired Italy]


    or.....you could just...

    Shame, I wanted Python, oh well, just an excuse to get a flashcart.

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