Turning A Dead Xbox Into A PS3 Controller

Aussie game nut Morris has taken a dead Xbox 360 and made something genuinely useful out of it: an arcade stick. For the PlayStation 3.

It's not a simple job, as you can see by the number of tools and pieces of electronic kit required, but it's an awesome job.

It's the second such mod Morris has put together in recent years, the first being an identical project for the Xbox 360. Which is great in its own right, but not quite as delicious as seeing the triangle, square and circle buttons sticking out of the corpse of an old Xbox.

Morris tells us that while the act of putting them together wasn't too arduous - only taking a few nights work on the first and only a few hours on the second - the cost involved was "too much for me to build one for anyone".

Oh, and if you're wondering where the PS guide button is? It's where the 360's old power switch used to be.

There's a gallery above showing how the stick was made, and below, witness the inevitable parade of "rrod" jokes.

[via Shoryuken - thanks Morris!]


    Does it play DVD...

      It plays HD-DVD!

    Blasphemy !

    Best use of an xbox I've ever seen ;)

      Worst use of a Nordone Ive ever seen...

    Even better if it displayed RROD while in action

    And here a perfect opportunity for a pun was lost, when this Xbox(360) wasn't made into an Xbox controller, just to be able to say it's smaller and more comfortable than the official controllers.

    Nice looking mod that there.

    I am no longer quick to judge XBOX360 now. My second-hand 360 is still running while my new (2008) PS3 is being looked at by Sony...

    Sony & MS need to pick up their act. I can tell you that the next PS console better be damn well worth the money.

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