Two Of Comics’ Most Exciting Properties Get The Video Game Treatment

Two Of Comics’ Most Exciting Properties Get The Video Game Treatment

Not only is Telltale Games working on a title based on the hit television and comic book property The Walking Dead, they’ve also snagged the rights to create games based on Vertigo’s fan-favourite fairy tale series Fables.

Rumors were crawling all over the internet concerning Telltale’s involvement with The Walking Dead, with the company hinting that they were working on a popular, recently released television and comic book property. The Walking Dead was the only entertainment property that fit the bill, and now the dreams of thousands of zombie-lovers come true.

But that’s not all. Fairy tales come true as well.

Any regular reader of Fables can tell you that. Bill Willingham’s monthly Vertigo comic book based around a group of fairy tale and folklore characters that sought refuge in New York City following a great war is one of the hottest properties in comic books today. Willingham has mastered twisting old world stories into new world entertainment.

And Telltale has mastered twisting new world entertainment into episodic adventure games. The Walking Dead and Fables should be a nice fit for the developer’s particular style.

We’ll have more information on both upcoming titles shortly. In the meantime the comic book fans in the audience can go wipe the drool off their chins.

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