Ubisoft Want New IP To “Become The Neighbourhood Bar”

Ubisoft Want New IP To “Become The Neighbourhood Bar”

Jade Raymond has been out of the spotlight for a while, heading up Ubisoft’s new Toronto studio – but speaking at DICE she revealed that the studio, in addition to working on Splinter Cell 6 with Maxine Beland, is also hard at work on a new IP that may focus on the social aspect of gaming.

It's an interesting project. Many developers aspire for their game to be discussed around the water cooler, in the way that, say, Lost was - to become that in-vogue piece of media that inspires debate and word of mouth. Raymond, however, would prefer that this new IP be the water cooler itself.

"Games arenโ€™t just what you talk about around the water color," she claimed, "theyโ€™re becoming the water cooler itself... I would hope our next new IP would become the neighborhood bar.โ€

It seems that Jade Raymond is looking for a game that works more as a social space than a video game. Arguably there are popular online titles that already serve this purpose: World of Warcraft, Team Fortress 2, Halo: Reach, Call of Duty... all games that operate as a social meeting ground, in addition to working as a place where players compete and play with each other.

We like this idea. thatgamecompany's current work in progress, Journey, seems to be working around the same concept, creating an online space unbound from the usual competitive rules, like lobbies, matchmaking and the need to stab/shoot/kill one another. Journey creates a space where players can exist together, but engage in different ways. Hopefully we'll see different types of gameplay emerge from this new approach.


  • “…creating an online space unbound from the usual competitive rules, like lobbies, matchmaking and the need to stab/shoot/kill one another. Journey creates a space where players can exist together, but engage in different ways.”

    Minecraft already seems to do this perfectly.

  • People talk about Lost? ๐Ÿ˜›

    To be honest, I don’t game to socalise, so it really doesn’t interest me. Yeah have a social aspect there, but not the focus. Still, it has me interested

    • ‘Glee’ ruined that song for me.

      As for the UbiSocialGameThingy…I wish games would stop trying to make me hang out and play with other people. I hate people.

      • I know!
        This whole recent thing of having Co-Op campaigns/heavy multiplayer emphasis is strange and bewildering to me because I am totally okay with my single player experiences.
        This one time I was playing Alien Swarm, and I had a parasite on my face, so I went up to the medic for some healing, but then he shot me in the face with an assault rifle. He claims he accidentally switched from the medigun and so accidentally shot me, but I bet it was just payback for me setting him on fire the game before.

  • The last time she was actively involved with a game (at least PR-wise) we got the shockingly bad Assassin’s Creed.

    That didn’t stop million’s of neckbeards across the globe jizzing their pants and running to buy it though. Judging from the comments above, it’ll be more of the same when this comes out, regardless of quality.

    Lucky they salvaged the living hell out of Assassin’s Creed since then (AC2 and Brotherhood were glorious, AC1 is a blight on the franchise)

    • Your “millions of neckbeards” are the reason we got AC:2 and Brotherhood.

      And not everyone bought the game because of Jade. I’m a girl so her boobs had no effect on me. I bought the first game and loved it. *checks worriedly for neckbeard*

      • Actually, I’m with you. I enjoyed the first Assassin’s Creed. I liked how each assassination was turned around a little by the dying remarks, so it showed the assassination target not being as bad as you may have thought.

        Sure, it was repetitive, but if you only played it for an hour or so at a time, then it was actually quite a good game.

        AC2 is definitely superior, though.

    • I understand that you didn’t like AC. But shockingly bad is a bit of a stretch, it was one of the best original games of the last five years and the fact its immense success led to two increasingly popular sequels seem to bare that out pretty well.

      It had more than a few faults, probably best summed up by the Zero Punctuation review (which overall gave it a positive summary) but it was still a damn good game.

      When I read ‘shockingly bad’ I’m thinking nearly unplayably broken or mindlessly awful games.

    • LOL I haven’t even seen this bird before today, I just play everything. But I bought AC1 and got that bored of it I took it back before I even finished it. I tried AC2 but again couldn’t get into it. The climbing is too slow for me and got so frustrated when I would jump off a freaking building when I didn’t want to. I just felt other games that included climbing impletmented it better then the AC series. Anyway, haven’t bothered with Brotherhood.

  • So explain again how this goes from an article on social gaming to talking about some facebooked pic of a woman, and how she caused everyone to buy Assassins creed.

  • You lost me at Ubisoft.

    Draconian DRM only piss off loyal, paying customers. We’re the only ones that have to put up with your shit, the pirates get that crap removed and we’re worse off for it.

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