UFC Undisputed Takes A Swing At Facebook

UFC Undisputed Takes A Swing At Facebook

THQ adds its UFC Undisputed to the list of licensed console sports titles with a Facebook game adaptation, wheeling out a microtransaction-supported venture that focuses on training and leveling-up your created fighter.

UFC Undisputed Fight Nation doesn’t feature arcade action, but performs more like a sports management sim. In this case, you name a performer (mine is “Piranha Face”) pick a fighting style for him, and then build up his skills.

Actual bouts are conducted like a card game, with the results coming from a background simulation. Players can add in special moves and bonuses, acquired either by in-game currency you earn from playing or with straight-up cash. Being Facebook gaming, brought to you by a major games publisher, there’s going to be some microtransaction component here.

Energy comes into play as it’s expended on your training period and influences your proficiency in a bout. Naturally, you may goose it by buying more. When you get done with your bouts, you can see how friends have done that day. The game plays to bragging rights and pride to motivate your fighter’s development.

UFC Fight Nation [Facebook]


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