Video Game Valentine Cards My Wife Will Probably Hate

As I mentioned before - I'm in dire need of a last minute gift to satiate my wife's Valentine's Day needs. I've had a bunch of suggestions - thanks for that - but I don't think this one is going to fly. Here are a bunch of really cool video game valentine card, that my wife will almost certainly throw back in my face.

To be honest - some of them are really awesome. And I know if my wife sent me one of these cards, I would shed manly tears of gratitude... and 'wuv'. I've chuck a couple of my favourites below - but it's probably worth heading to the site and having a look at the mammoth selection they have.

Kira Cards [etsy]

Thanks to everyone who sent this in!


    Hahaha those are so cool! I'm surprised they don't have an anti-valentine for the mario one card too! Could open the card and have it say.. Sorry.. your valentine is in another card!

    My favourite has to be the VGCats valentine based off the Ace Attourney games, with Phoenix declaring "Affection!"

    If you really want to impress her, sneak onto the PS3 and make her a valentine's-themed LBP2 game.

    Wow, this is so awesome, I'm getting one!!!!!!!

    Just what I was looking for, and the mario one is great

    OMG this post save me on my last minute shopping, I'M buying all of the designs

    And we're to write our messages with white-out? :p

      Believe it or not - I'm having that problem right THIS VERY SECOND! ARGH!

    I writted down with a silver sharpie and it looks awesome :D

    I just downloaded a new font, and edited the image, looked awesome - mission successful

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