Video Games Are Like Rock Music And… Dungeons And Dragons?

Video Games Are Like Rock Music And… Dungeons And Dragons?

Cliff Bleszinski, the designer behind Gears of War, is a nice enough guy. Polite, well mannered, intelligent, all that jazz. But his video games, with their chainsaw guns and curb-stops, might raise some eyebrows. Not mine, but other people’s.

“You know the violence in games, the language and all those issues are issues… on one hand I’ve always found [that]very scary, that people are attacking the industry,” Bleszinski tells website CVG. On the other hand, he’s somewhat flattered.

Says the game designer, “It’s one of those situations where the fact that people think ‘ooh, big scary video games are ruining the world’, I guess, means that we’re the new rock and roll, the new Elvis, the new Dungeons and Dragons, the new moving pictures.”

The new, ahem, Dungeons and Dragons? In a single breath, from bad-ass Elvis to, yep, Dungeons and Dragons. Sure D&D were controversial in their day, but…

Bleszinski is currently talking up the latest game from his studio, Bulletstorm, a shooter with this year’s best trailer.

And remember, when you fire up your console today, you’re not just enjoying the modern day equivalent of Elvis, you are also enjoying today’s take on…Dungeons and Dragons.

News: Bleszinski: Violent game critics ‘flatter’ industry [CVG]


    • I remember when D&D was blamed for youth suicides, players getting all upset when their character died. My parents promptly did a bit of book-burning in the back yard and my brother watched as all his books and die got burned. And THEN he went off the rails because he had no outlet. Parents can be dicks sometimes.

  • I don’t understand the skepticism in this article. Is Brian trying to say that videogames are more like Elvis than D&D? Cause they’re not… In fact, many -many- videogames are just D&D on a computer (even the ones not called D&D). Are we to distance ourselves from D&D because its ‘geeky’ and videogames aren’t? What? I don’t get it.

    If Blezinski is saying that D&D are a marginalised past-time which is looked down upon by the mainstream and elites of society, then he’s dead on. Videogames are that way too for the most part. Especially his. What I’m a little confused about for him is … does he think that’s a bad thing? He’s quoted elsewhere as saying he feels his job in life is to make games and game design ‘cool’ which is why he gets around in Italian sports cars and behaves a bit like a movie star. Thing is, the more ‘cool’ games become, and the more mainstream, the less interested people like me will be in them. I’ll look down on (and already do at times) really mainstream games like CoD and Gears the same way I do to American football or UFC type sports.

    By the way the link to the original source returns 404.

    • No, he’s saying that in the same way Elvis and rock ‘n’ roll were hailed as products of the devil, the fact that there still exists a minor moral panic around video games and violence is a sign of flattery to him. It’s a cheap sentiment but he’s kind of right.

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