Voltron Is Taking Video Game Form

The combined might of the Voltron licence and the publishing powers of THQ will bring the '80s cartoon to video game form this year, according to a report from Variety.

The quintet of mechanical space lions that form Voltron will be part of a "series" of video games that aims to revitalise the franchise alongside a new animated TV show, Voltron Force, slated to air on Nickelodeon. No details yet on developer, platforms or release date, but Variety says to expect giant robot lions later this fall.

If you simply cannot wait to play a Voltron video game, Sony Pictures Entertainment released an iPhone game back in 2009.

Voltron returning to (video) screens [Variety]


    Unfortunately, Voltron isn't available in the Australian app store :-(

    Could be awesome, could suck immensely. The question is: can they develop a game mechanic other than Faff Around, Merge, Form Blazing Sword, Chop, Rinse, Repeat?

      I'll bet "suck immensely" on this one.

    Lion voltron makes lumpy sad, bring on the original (spaceship/vehicle - its been a long time) voltron!!

      Vehicle Force Voltron is the forgotten Voltron. (Well, so is Gladiator Voltron, but let's ignore him).

      For Xmas 1986 I thought I was getting a giant Vehicle Force, but alas, upon opening, it was merely a giant Lion Force. I spose I loved it in the same way a Chinese father loves his female child...

        I preferred the Vehicle Voltron too - far more interesting that the weak G-Force ripoff that was the Lion series

    Dynasty Warriors: Voltron Force UNLEASH!

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