Was Demon's Souls Just Ripped Off?

iPhone games ripping off other games is nothing new. But this time, it appears as though popular role-playing game Demon's Souls is the latest victim.

Recently released iPhone game Kaibutsu Chronicle: The New World apparently features art that's been directly lifted from Demon's Souls. Japanese netizens discovered the art and then went ahead with their own detective work that seems to show more than similarities.

Kaibutsu Chronicle is an iPhone-based social role-playing game from a China-based software company.

Demon's Souls came out in 2009 and is really hard, but satisfying. If that's one thing Kaibutsu Chronicle cannot copy, it's that!

Kotaku is reaching out to the company behind Kaibutsu Chronicle for a comment.


    And we're surprised China is not respecting copyright laws again because...?

    Hardly the first time something like this has happened

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