Watching A Battlefield 3 Kurdistan Firefight

Battlefield 3 looks to be a gritty, darker version of the Battlefield's we've played in the past, judging by these first public glimpses of the upcoming shooter from Electronic Arts.

The new video shows in-game footage of US Marines taking on hostile PLR forces in Iraqi Kurdistan. We've seen the game in action and will have full impressions next week.

With this video also comes news that the Limited Edition version of the game will include the digital expansion pack Battlefield 3: Back to Karkand. EA describes the add-on as a "themed multiplayer expansion pack which includes four legendary maps from Battlefield 2 boldly re-imagined with Frostbite 2 physics, destruction and visuals. Completing the package are classic Battlefield 2 weapons and vehicles, unique rewards, new achievements/trophies, and more."


    Shutup and take my money!


      wow definitely need to upgrade for this

      I don't know about you, but I'm not getting paid in money at the moment for working, I'm merely getting paid in credit towards Battlefield 3!!! Holy crap!?!?!?!?!?!? This is the first TRULY next generation looking game I've seen for the PC at this point if those graphics are ingame? I hate using that term, infact I despise it I really do, but that was some seriously impressive stuff!!!

    Just WOW thats all i can say

    Yes yes the graphics are amazing and I want it, BUT....

    Way to go EA, following suit from Activision. COD splits the community with DLC... BF3 plans on doing it from day DOT by including DLC style MP maps as a pre-order.

    Wow... you're all about the community aren't you EA...

      Given they ended up releasing 3 paid add-on packs for free as DLC for BF2 eventually? I'd say yes?

        Not the point. Later is not good enough. It still segregates the community. DLC should be as it was originally intended before greed came into the picture - for everyone.

          I don't think that's justified.
          Activison released two map packs totalling $30.
          DICE released 6 map packs for free, eventually and some were free from he word go, aswell as people who bought the game new got them free. They also released new pins and weapons, aswell as exclusive weapons (balanced) if you had another EA Game. They released Onslaught mode for $10 dollars provide 4 new maps and a cooperative mode. They also released a basically mini expansion to the game, Vietnam, for 15 dollars.

          Again, Activision, two map packs (including two maps that were just reused)

          DICE: A shit load of content.

    curious how console versions will look in comparison

    I think am gonna go for MW3. Not that I didn't like this, but MW3 is much better in every thing. THAT'S A FACT.

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