We've Got Armored Core V Screens Incoming!

The team behind the Armored Core series is giving fans another dose of massive mech-on-mech action next year. Armored Core V from FromSoftware mixes things up with new "atmosphere" and online action "newly designed to focus on huge team-based battles on a global scale".

Armored Core V will be available throughout North America and Europe in 2012, according to Namco Bandai. Tons of screens ahead!


    YESYESYESYES! I hope the focus on team battles doesnt undermine a solo campaign for people with no friends..

      I'm with you on wanting a strong single player campaign.. not with you otherwise since I have no friends. :P

    Damned - looks awesome but just makes we hope that the MechWarrior reboot is coming sooner rather than later...

    the tasty kind...

    I've been hanging out for another mechwarrior type game for ages. Should be nice to jump in another mech again finally. Haven't played since MechWarrior 2 and that must've been about 15yrs ago!

    Hell yes mother-of-something *exclamatory curse-word* FINALLY!!! Can't wait to get my hands on this, if they live up to expectations, we'll have yet another awesome title.

    From Software have done PC games before. Why the hell are there no Armored Core games on PC?

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