What Are You Playing This Weeked?

So the weekend is upon us yet again! And with it, the same old question - what will you guys be playing. Me? Well I still haven't bloody finished Dead Space 2. But tonight is the night folks. Tonight is the night. I'm going to light some candles and get intimate with this game!

But what are you guys going to play? Marvel vs Capcom came out this week. I haven't gotten a copy yet, but being such a huge fan of Street Fighter IV, I'm looking forward to checking it out.

Let us know what you're getting up to this weekend in the comments below.


    Fallout: New Vegas will continue to consume my life unapologetically. Oh, and I might squeeze some LittleBigPlanet 2 with my sister.

    Ha! Creepy. I was just watching Dexter and was greeted by your 'Tonight is the night'.

    Anyway. The weekend? More LBP2, my friend is probably coming over to finish Uncharted Drake's Fortune and hopefully I'll make a start on the Sly Collection, which *finally* came in (4 weeks later).

    I was going to get Marvel vs Capcom 3, but Good Game pointed out that there were some camera issues where the camera would follow your opponent rather than the player, sometimes causing the player to be completely hidden off screen. :(

      It's a small problem - I wouldn't avoid the game just because of that. I've been having a blast with it.

    I just got Dead Space 2 off oz game shop, and it's brilliant...if not as frightening as I'd thought. RISK factions is sitting on the xbox 360 waiting for me as well, and looking at getting PS3 move for deadspace extraction and killzone 3 (just for some fun).

      Same here. Was sort of more "oh, necromorph" rather than "HOLY SHIT WHERE ARE THEY COMING FROM?!"

      Then again, I played it for about 15 minutes at a friend's and it in the afternoon with lots of lights. However, I don't want to risk soiling my pants, so I'll just stick to broad daylight.

    Ill be giving Valkrie Profile 2 a try.
    More Dark Chronicle and maybe some FFX. Ah the golden days, how I miss them!

      Thats Valkyrie Profile, excuse my spelling!

    Definitely some Heroes of Newerth. DEFINITELY, that some wine, some green and the boys

    MvC3, LBP2 and some Black Ops for good measure!

    Well it depends on Batguy....

    But not sure really, I will check into minecraft for some time im sure, but other than that, i really dont know.

    Perhaps a few games of battlefield 1943, and i really should get back into Fallout NV. I have completely stopped and i need to finish it sometime.

      Oh, and i just got my BTTF code for the PC game (I think, have not opened the e-mail) but this was the free level or something from a while ago, gotta check that out.

      I already sent you a concession message on XBL last night. I'm out. I've moved on to getting platinum medals and beating the so called "extreme" levels. I beat the first one, so I can only assume it gets easier from here, right?

      Other stuff I'm playing is Dead Space 2 (up chapter 3 now!) and in the process of signing up for Minecraft right now.

    Mass Effect 2 all the way.

    I got Dead Space 2, played it for an hour last night and freaked the f**k out, walking through a corridor and those STEAM VENTS. Gah! Gonna put it off till I get through Dead Space 1.

    As for what I'm playing, most probably some MvC3, Tatsunoko VS Capcom, Champions online and play through all of Deus Ex for the first time.

    I just lose intrest around the rescuing the hostages from the subway for some reason. I just don't feel as powerful as I should in the scheme of things.

      Then again, it was dark, and I had my headphones cranked all the way up.

        headphones, dark room, dead space 2... only way to play it :D

    I'll hit up some Deadspace 2, warcraft and maybe some heroes of newerth.

    Full speed ahead with Mass Effect 2. Have to finish it before Killzone 3 comes out on Thursday!

    See, now I'm confused, i thought you said you din't have Dead Space 2?

    I will be playing a mystery game...woooooooooh!

    My copy of Dead Space 2 from the Haiku comp finally arrived, so I'm gonna be killin' aliens all weekend long! :D

    The orange box. I'm currently on test chamber 18 in portal. I'm hoping to finish that tonight then play half-life 2. I'll probably mix in some red faction guerrilla as well, nothing like a good explosion to start of the weekend.

    Just a bit off topic but wouldn't it be nice if minecraft and red faction had a baby? Then i could create a building shaped like the kotaku logo and blow it up.

      you can do that anyways

      just it will be a bit more rounded and you have to use TNT instead of a sledgehammer

    I'll be finishing off all the levels of Deniable Ops from Splinter Cell: Convictions. Undecided to whether or not I should buy the Deniable Ops: Insurgency DLC.

    Lots of frustrations in the game, but oh so satisfying when you pull off a Hunter map cleanly.

    Also, I'll probably end up being the bitch to Black Ops I've become. It's maddening how I can hate that game so much, and yet love it even more.

    FFVIII on PSP. I find it the perfect FF machine with instant resume, no disc changing (kinda) and headphones. Turns FF into pick up and play. And VII is my favorite AND the only one I have never beaten.

      I mean VIII is my favourite etc. I have got to stop posting on my phone.

      Haha, FFVIII is my favourite and I never finished it either. I recently committed to finishing it on the PS3 but that faded eventually..

    Battlefield Bad Company 2 with my phalanx of friends. I should also get back into Fable 3. I'm only about 2 hours in.

    More Test Drive Unlimitied 2 - I love this game despite some of the crap reviews.

    I just discovered Diablo 2's Eastern Sun mod, and I'm HOOKED all over again (for the 10th time). I'm a true D2 addict, and I've invested countless hours into this game over the last 11 years.

    When Diablo 3 finally arrives, my life is surely going down the drain...

    999 for the DS, finished the game for the first time yesterday and the ending I achieved was a bit strange. It's an amazing game though, I didn't come into it with much expectation but it's blown me away, can't believe a game that's heavy with text would encapsulate me in it's story and characters.

    And if I get the chance I might get back into Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood - started playing it but Dead Space 2 had me hooked, and now 999 has me in it's grasp.

    I think i'll be going old school.
    GTA:SA mother [email protected]#kers!!!

      You such a busta!

      I wanna play that again, but it's weird going from GTA IV back to SA.

      GTA-SA. I got stuck in the place like San Francisco with the mission where you have to pilot remote controlled planes, sooo hard. Have to did my copy out again some time. That game was why I got my PS-2. I loved cruising around all over the place. The sense of space was massive!

      Hells yeah! Man the ps2 rocked! Its games like this that make me realise how dull this gen is

      Tama, are you referring to the mission where you have to shoot toy planes out of the sky with the gattling gun on the top of the building? If so, i agree that is a bloody hard annoying mission.

      There are some tedious mission in SA but seriously the overall story is right up my alley being a rap and alternative music loving teenager in the 90's.

      Fistbeard, GTA IV looks great but i'll always go back to a game that lets me fly jumbo jets, use jet packs and beat people to death with dildo's.

      San Andreas HD version please Rockstar.

      Peace out bitches.

    Mass Effect - getting all nostalgic.

    I'm jumping back on SSFIV haha. Didn't finish it with all the characters

    I am on the last boss on Deadspace 2 so that will be short lived. 4v4 Platimum League with friends on Starcraft2 and hoping on Ye Olde (but still good) Counter-Strike Source for a few pwning sessions.

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