What Are You Playing This Weekend?

Honestly - it's too bloody hot to go outside. I'm truly planning to spend this weekend playing games. I managed to clear out most of my backlog before christmas, but it's piling up again, and It's about time I got to it. First up – finishing Dead Space 2 and LittleBigPlanet 2. But what are you guys playing this weekend?

I'm also going to try and find a place to watch UFC 126 on Sunday - since it looks like a stacked card. But asides from that - hopefully - this weekend will be all about games for me. I'm so sick of exercise - honestly! I just want to sit in a dark room, block out this bloody sun and play games for a while.

Anyway - enough about me. What are you guys up to?


    Well I finished all the scenarios in Tropico 3 and Absolute Power last week... kind of in limbo atm. That was a great fun game, btw.

      I've thought about picking that up, is it worth the buy? What games is it like?

        I like it because its a little lighter than something like Civ or SimCity, but deep enough to keep me entertained. There are several 'ways' to get to a successful end like in Civ, so you don't just always whack down the same buildings for every scenario.

        Its a little bit funny as well, probably not as funny as the box art makes you think, but I got a few chuckles. I think the focus on 1950-2000 on the Caribbean islands is a great way to manage scope, so its deep but not so wide to be unmanageable.

        Maybe I should write a reader review for this :P

          I've successfully played about 4 scenarios but the game is quite difficult to get a grasp on. 'Oh my liberty levels are a problem' but the game hasn't exactly told me how to make them better and there's no easy intuitive answer. In short I get stuck and then the rebels come for me, or in one case the Americans.

          That said I really did enjoy the game and the small dose of humour, I was just frustrated by the lack of explanation of the mechanics.

            Yup that's the one flaw in the game, its not really well documented.

            I found the most important mechanic I didn't learn to cope with until later on was immigration. You gotta control how many people you let come to the island so you can keep up with housing and workplaces.

              Thanks for that, I'll probably pick it up although it'll probably end up on the 'if only I had more time' list

                Gonna have to write a review for this I guess, but one last thing I'll say is that I like it for its relative speed. You can play through a whole scenario a lot faster than the average Civ game, so its not quite the same time-commitment as those games. Slower than an RTS, faster than other city/civ builders.

                Maybe that's cause I play almost all the time at the fastest speed setting... Its like the one in The Sims.

    Starcraft 2...

    And probably Trials HD- Damn You FaShady!

    Mass Effect 2 for PS3 (already played on Xbox, but wanna play it again :D )
    Killzone 3 MP Beta
    Just Cause 2

    Seems the GF is gonna take a back seat (probably not, but you never know)

      when is KZ3 beta out?

        HUR DUR sorry just realised already out

      haha who are you kidding the GF never takes the backseat... and thats not for a lack of trying

    Cricket in 40 degree heat is what I have to look forward to on both sat and sunday. I shall regain lost strength through the completion of Dead Space 2.

    Mass effect 2 and finishing that damn formula gt cup in gt5. Besides that, floating in the pool sounds pretty tempting

    I only bought my PS3 a month before Christmas, so I'm still catching up on the back catalogue before I get into any new releases.

    I'll most likely try and finish off MSG4. Though, I'm not sure if I like it as much as when I played the first game... It gives off a very different feeling. Also it's quite long-winded. I lose track of the story in in the cutscenes because they're so long. lol

      And of course, by "MSG4" I mean "MGS4". I don't think I'd like to play a game about a food additive... let alone the 4th in the series. lol

      MGS4 - It's all about Chapter 4... returning back to that historic place is incredible... and the set pieces there are fantastic...

      Chapter 5 isn't all that bad either, I've never pressed Triangle so much and no hard in my life! ;)

      Yeah MGS4 is long winded and incredibly dull compared to the first three, even though it has 1000% more WTF? moments.

      Like oggob said, Chapter 4 is great.

      I don't understand how he/they went from the awesome MGS3 to MGS4. He/they lost their minds!

    As I wait for Fallout: New Vegas, Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 and LittleBigPlanet 2 to arrive from the UK, I was thinking of starting a new game plus in Resident Evil 4 or having another crack at finishing Okami (that game is seriously long!). Oh, and I might play some original Fallout which I downloaded from Steam last week.

    Mass Effect 2 if it decides to show up today (**** YOU, ozgameshop.com!). And taking a look at the Killzone 3 multiplayer demo now that it's available for people without PS Plus subscriptions.

    18 Days left till Killzone 3! So obviously playing Killzone 2 to better 'hone' my skills... At dying. Hahaha.

    - Trials HD: Getting closer to FatShady's time on the competition track. Even if I don't make it, I will at least keep going till I reach the top 5000 and it publishes my replay.

    - Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood: Still trying to finish it. Actually finding it a bit of a chore, but I'm up to sequence 8 so I'll persist to the end.

    - Dead Space 2 if it arrives today... which is probably unlikely.

      Getting your first replay is awesome, but be warned, you have picked a bad track for that. In fact, trying to get a top 5000 time on a beginner track is tough. You see because the tracks are easy, there could be 5000 players within 1 second of eachother whereas on a medium or hard track, the time difference between players expands greatly. Keep at it, but if you want replays, they are easy to get top 5000 on the harder tracks

      if that makes sense?

        You have a replay, so if I beat your score I'll be sweet ;)

        Seriously though I easily have another second in me. The current time I've posted is #8000 and I know two bits I stuffed up badly. I'm quite happy to repeat it ad-nauseum until I hit the perfect run, even if it takes me days.

    Going to try and fit some World of Tanks, Borderlands and maybe some Pirates of the Burning Sea in around baby shopping and taking the dog to get his shots... damn you adulthood

      I hear ya... my goals above all have the caveat "unless the baby arrives"... as has been the case for the past couple of weeks, and may yet be for the next couple of weeks!

      See these seem like prime reasons to not have spawn :P

    I can't find anything I want to play at the moment! Suggest something to me Mr Serrels, coz right now I'm just watching Deus Ex vids and dreaming.

    LBP2 and Mass Effect. Also my friend is coming over to play Uncharted Drake's fortune. Would've also liked tp have played the Sly Collection, but that's not here yet.....

    Still, should be fun!

    Taking my work Macbook downstairs into the glorious air-con and playing Minecraft / GTA IV / Sims 3.

    *looks at Boxer on his dock and realizes he has Daggerfall installed.*


    I'm not sure how much gaming I'll be able to get done...

    Tomorrow, the GF's mother is moving and we are going along to help out, I really don't mind helping people move, it's generally a good day and you end up with plenty of beer and bbq/pizza... I'm not keen on the 38-42C temps they are predicting! :(

    Otherwise, I'll continue to bash away at Rock Band 3 and look at completing LittleBigPlanet (Goodies & Acing levels)...

    Im gonna pick up a ps2 & hopefully play some kingdom hearts, res evil code veronica, and wateva else I can find at my local eb. Modern games bore the absolute shit outta me right now!

      If you can find it, get Twin Caliber and a friend to play it with.

    Most likely Magicka

      YES! Magicka is the most fun I've had with videogames in a looooong time. Dead Space 2? Yawn. It's so refreshing to see some pure creativity carving a path out when all the triple-A releases are set in their ways.

      Mark, give Magicka a shot! XBLA or Steam!

    Minecraft and finish batman AA. Found awesome minecraft server and got about 5 people helping me build a base.

    I'm jetting off to San Francisco for a well deserved break. I'm not sure HOW well deserved it is, but I'm going anyway. I will be playing some PSP games and catching up with some anime on the iPod touch.

    On the PSP i'm taking LBP, FFVII Crisis Core, Tekken 6, FFVII, FFVIII and Resident Evil 2 so I should be good.

    My 16th yesterday so today my friends are coming around and we'll be playing games, listenin to music and gettin drunk

    Going to start playing through Crysis 1 and Warhead in prep for Crysis 2. Also plan to play some Dawn of War 2: Retribution Beta and Rift Beta.

    Also some Black Ops MP because all my mates are on this weekend for the double EXP (not that i care about double EXP but it's nice to play when they are all on...)

    Battlefield 1943 for me to start with. However there is one level in the Trials DLC Spiderweb that i can improve over 6 seconds on (i already have a platinum time) if i can nail a particularly hard move. I did it twice, but fluffed the rest of the track so sasted it.

    It is so damn hard to do, i spent over an hours on it last night and no luck!

    Also, bought hydrophobia yesterday for 400 msp so have a crack at that.

    I will also try to have another crack at bulletstorm demo but not sure about that one?

    And minecraft, but really would rather spend time trying to get the server up and running. Anyone free over the weekend that has set one up let me know.

    The 2010 sleeper hit Enslaved.. up to Chapter 9 have really been enjoying it.

    I finally downloaded Minecraft during the week to see what all the fuss is about... I have an idea that any spare time will probably be spent on that as I'm really enjoying it.

    If I get bored of that, then my 360/PS3 pile of shame is growing larger each week... I'll probably have a crack at something in there!

    replaying games i lost my save files for when i accidentally reformatted my old hard drive trying to install a new one :-(.
    Red Dead Redemption/COD BLOPS/GT5/AC:BROTHERHOOD
    Not happy.

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