What Are You Playing This Weekend

What Are You Playing This Weekend

I know – it’s so 2010 but, as a result of circumstance, I’m pretty sure that this weekend I’ll be spending a whole heap of time playing through God of War III for the second time. But what will you guys be playing?

One of my favourite things about my job is that I get to introduce my friends and family to games they’d otherwise not give a rootin’ toot arse about. My wife is now a Pixel Junk Monsters addict, my sister in-law is obsessed with Critter Crunch, and my brother in-law – who I’m visiting in Canberra this weekend – really loves God of War.

We played through God of War II a couple of years ago, and he just recently splurged on a PS3, so I’m bringing him down my copy of God of War III so we can blast through it together this weekend.

I’m kind of gutted, since I really want to try and finish Dead Space 2, which I’m trudging through for a number of reasons – I only want to play it at night, I don’t want to play it when people are over visiting. It’s the same bloody reason it took me two months to finish Bioshock, and the same reason it took me two years to finish the original Dead Space.

So, that’s my life story. But what are you guys planning on playing this weekend?


  • Test Drive Unlimited 2 with Lord Crumplebottom, and most probably some Champions Online, as it’s hooked me again. Captain Duality needs to go force throwing some baddies off roofs.

    Speaking of TDU2, Did you get my reader review, Sir Mark?

      • I mean, I’ll be playing TDU2 *with* Lord Crumplebottom.

        OK I ADMIT IT, We’re Siamese Twins!! AAAAUUUGH NATURE HATES US.

          • Thanks god, I heart you too.

            Just want to ask… what’s with my beard? I mean… I’ve never understood it. I can’t even describe what it is, since even *I* don’t know.

      • Test Drive Unlimited 2 of course. Game is buggy and servers are slow, or sometimes non-responsive, but somehow it’s just caught my attention.

        Lord Crumplebottom and Fistbeard MacTavish will indeed be burning up some miles this weekend. The goal? To purchase a yacht. Aw yeah!

        Because Fistbeard seems to think spending money on alcoholic beverages is better than a new yacht or manservant. Hmpf.

        • I will also be in TDU2 (if I get time). I am trying oh so hard to like it. I realllly am. But its just… hmmm. Well, to be honest it feels like I’m driving like in Farcry 2. Which is really letting it down for me. Its glitchy, can’t skip lousy cutscenes and the graphics look very tired (admitably, there is a tonne to see though due to the size). But its what the game could deliver that is getting me to give it a longer go.

          • As Crumplebottom said to me online last night:

            “This game could have been so, so much more than it is.”

  • Mass Effect 2 now that it finally arrived this week. Started the other night but made the mistake of “adjusting” the appearance of my Shepard before starting the game. Got an hour or two into it then decided I couldn’t stand staring at the monstrosity I’d created for the entire duration of the game, so I’ve gone back and started again with the default looking Shepard.

      • Really? I -hate- the default Shepard. I can’t even associate his voice with the guy on the box, so all the trailer freak me out a bit.

        I was incredibly pleased in Mass Effect 1 when I managed to make Shepard look like he was of eurasian descent ^_^

      • I thought I’d try to create one that looked like you, Mark – just as a little tribute… a small token of the enormous respect I have for you. But I failed – I should have known that no character editor forged by man could truly capture your awesomeness.

        On a completely unrelated note, are you giving away any prizes today?

      • Default Shepard looks like that kind of jerkoff that admires himself in the mirror while pumping weights, making fun of those lesser than him and getting everything he ever wanted cos he’s captain of the football team.

        I make a redheaded ugly chick.

        • Just checked in to write about a weekend . . .

          of lifting weights and looking at myself in
          the mirror.

          Seems to me that’s not good enough for some

          I enjoy lifting weights and I enjoy looking at myself in
          the mirror. It’s hardly my fault I’m so very, very
          pretty; it’s not as easy as it looks, old boy.

          Jerk-off? Appears nothing I do is good
          enough for you.

          You wanna hurt me, go right ahead if it makes feel
          any better. I’m an easy target. Yeah, you’re right, I talk
          too much, I also listen too much. I could be a cold
          hearted cynic like you, but I don’t like to hurt people’s
          feelings. You think what you want about me, I’m not
          changing. I like me, my wife likes me, my customers
          like me; ’cause I’m the real article, what you see is what
          you get.

          Nice personality combination by the way: hostile
          and intolerant – that’s borderline criminal.

          One day the decent, self-obsessed, weight pumping,
          mirror watching, narcissists of this fair city are
          going to stand up to you, chap.

          Love as always, your old friend,

      • It’s one of the many triumphs of this game that I have become quite attached to my incarnation of Shepard. It’s always jarring to see him look any different in clips from other people’s playthroughs!

    • I kind of did the same thing, although I just played the first few hours with the dragon armour and forgot about the appearance of Shepard.

      I’ll finish off ME2 then I’ll also be playing God of War 3 since I just picked up a cheap copy.

    • My Shepard kind of grew on me. When I first started, I was all “OH GOD WHAT HAVE I DONE” but now I look at him, and I can’t imagine him any other way.

      The main problem came between ME1 and 2, where I forgot what he looked like,booted it up, and went “OH MY GOD, WTF HAVE I DONE?”

      He still looks less weird than the default Shepard though.

    • I can’t imagine my Shepard not having a George Clooney in From Dusk Til Dawn-type haircut and pencil thin moustache.

      When I imported him from ME1 and he popped up on screen for the first time in ME2, it was strangely comforting.

    • I always use the default Shepard, the one created by Bioware. It helps give the illusion that this character is real, has a history and a personality of his own (even though I’m really the one who chooses how he acts). I feel as though a character I created myself is just an avatar, or a puppet, and not a real person.

      • It’s been a long journey, no doubt about that. And this
        is a certainly no time for fussin’, feudin’ and a-fighten’,
        my most dear, dear friends.

        That’s why I think it’s important for everyone to
        remember – the prize is merely a hypothetical.
        Dead Space 2? Merely a what-if? type

        In fact, this weekend alone, I’m going to enjoy my
        hypothetical Megan Fox, my hypothetical Miranda Kerr,
        on my hypothetical yacht all the way to my hypothetical
        private island with my hypothetical mansion.

        Sorry, I have to go, hypothetical Justin Timberlake,
        hypothetical Miley Cyrus and me are taking the
        hypothetical Corvette to get hypothetical milkshakes.
        Happy hypothetical weekend,
        Hypothetical best wishes.
        xoxox (again – hugs and kisses are hypothetical, sorry)

  • Just got Ghost Trick so I’ll probably get started on that, if I’m not fiddling with Wario Ware DIY.

    Played a little Kid Icarus at the 3DS event last night, I think it’s shaping up to be pretty nice. Did anyone get to have a go of Street Fighter 4?

  • Undoubtably more World of Tanks and to keep the WWII theme going, my best mate and his wife are pushing for Company of Heroes. Depending on free time, Borderlands and playing through Amnesia so my girlfriend can experience it without being paralysed with fear.

  • I think my response got lost in the storm of Kotaku exploding (that is how it shall henceforth be known), so I apologise if I double post.

    Mass Effect 2, because all this talk of it recently made me get the DLC.
    Possibly Metro 2033 because it’s quite fun and I really want to finish it (which I won’t for another month or something).

  • I’m finally going to take the plunge and play Demon’s Souls. Anyone feel like taking bets on how many times I die over the weekend?

  • I have to pack for New York, leaving on Sunday, so i can’t commit to much. Maybe some Madden to replay the Superbowl and some SSF4. Pendo Pad arrived today so will try to get Game Dev story and write a reader review before i leave.

    • Do you not own a PSP?

      Plane trips are a good time for handhelds. Although I often feel too sleepy from the stagnant air and end up watching trash like XXX.

        • You lucky bastard. I’m the opposite – I can’t sleep at all during travel. Went to the USA a few years ago, it was 36 hours from Adelaide to New York (including stopovers in Melbourne, Auckland and LA) and I didn’t sleep a minute the whole way. Finally staggered into our NY hotel at about 9am ready to collapse and they told us we couldn’t check in until 4pm 😛

        • You are lucky Mark…I live in that moment of tiredness just before going to sleep but never quite making it…sooooooooo annoying!

      • Charged and ready to go!! Between that and the Pendo i should be able to game the whole way.
        Saw Final Fantasy 1 and 2 remakes for PSP yesterday….$25 each, so tempted but i know they going to be like $12 when i touch down in NYC

      • Yep. On my recent trip I couldn’t concentrate on any game I’d brought with me so I ended up watching Tomorrow When the War Began and Buried along with some documentaries on the way there. On the way back it was some crappy romance thing I can’t remember the name of and a documentary on over-parenting (which made me feel like I was an awesome parent :P).
        My husband watched all the animated things like Toy Story 3, Despicable Me, Legend of The Guardians.

        By the way Mr. Nohandle, have some cheesy fries for me. With ranch dressing. I’m having withdrawals.

    • Flying to singapore (it’s only a few hours). I’ve got SSFIV iPhone and game dev story to play on iPhone and God of War for PSP. Also got a minty boost incase I run them batteries dry playing.

  • Back to working through FIFA 11 Manager mode I think, nothing new is grabbing. Oh and probably more Trials HD until i want to throw the controller – admittedly it doesn’t take long.

  • Got to finishing dead space 2 last night

    Picked up donkey kong since i finally saw it In a store 🙁
    So i think my weekend will go there

  • My seat squirming giddiness for Skyrim has compelled me to start up a new Morrowind game.
    Dagoth Ur, prepare to meet me Dunmer Battlemage.. Have at thee!

  • I’ll be playing a mix of Final Fantasy Tactics Advance (GBA), Beatles RB (360) and Darksiders (360).
    Splitting my time over the 3 will mean I won’t finish any 😛

  • I’m going to be playing the hell out of that Dungeons game that gets released on steam today or tomorrow. I’ve been waiting for a successor to Dungeon Keeper for years.

    • Whatever you do don’t compare Dungeons to Dungeon Keeper, you will be dissapointed. It has its own gameplay and flavor, which once you get over the difference is quite interesting and unique.

  • My pile of shame threatens to become sentient and rise against me, yet I will probably play Game Dev Story (just started yesterday, hooked) and the first 30 mins of 6 other games. I think I might have ADH…. oh, look a puppy

  • DC Universe for me, can’t put it down.

    Also hoping to get a bit of Dead Space 2 in, but doubt I’ll be able to get over DC… dam you addictive MMO’s

  • Two diverse games:
    – Dead Space 2: Only a short way into it, think it’s still only the first chapter, but I’m digging it so far.
    – Stacking: It’s a pretty simple premise but it’s executed really well so far. It’s a bit like an adventure game where you’re free to attack several different problems at once. It looks like it will ultimately be quite short but hey, it’s an XBLA title, so I can cut it some slack if it holds the quality till the end.

  • I was inspired to play Fallout: New Vegas again after watching the fan movie.

    Hopefully I get to the end this time. Not sure why I stopped playing in the first place. I think it had something to do with the fact I rolled an energy weapon/science character and at lvl 14 Io’d still only found the laser pistol.

  • Little Big Planet 2 is on sale for $67, so I’m seriously considering walking down the road and purchasing it. But I have an unopened God Of War HD collection here, I’ve never played God of War, or even seen anyone play it – should I just crack it open instead?

  • I’m finishing off Golden Sun: Dark Dawn. I love it for the nostalgia but the exposition, exposition, “Mountain Rock Rising”, easy fights and more exposition are really getting on my nerves.

  • I jumped on here to proudly state that I’d be playing TDU2, assuming nobody else was even interested.

    Seems I’ve missed the bandwagon as a number of people are all over it!

    I’ll be on under TheLucky88 throughout tonight and the foreseeable future playing it.

    Despite a lot of the negativity and unhappy comments, I am having a blast playing it. The graphics aren’t perfect but they are definitely passable, nothing like the mess that GT5 was on the standard cars and scenery.

    I found after customizing my controls the cars drive much smoothly than with default settings – hardcore mode has helped.

  • Battlefield Bad Company 2 for me and maybe wash it down with some Monday Night Combat (Even though it be Friday night). If I’m feeling ready for some frustration I will try to tackle the next chapter of Mirror’s Edge! (Part of my Pile of Shame mitigation program)

  • Little Big Planet 2 here. Am hoping to get 3 and 4 player stickers in story mode – add me if you care to join – nait_dogg

  • lets see, planning on building a skyscraper with friends in minecraft, so that’ll take up some time

    then probably some monday night combat, since i really wanna show off my beta tester gear (so shiny!)

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