What Are You Playing This Weekend?

What Are You Playing This Weekend?

What Are You Playing This Weekend?In the run up to Christmas and early January I did an awesome job of clearing out my backlog – well, at least the games in my backlog that I really wanted to play. Now, things are building up again. Big time. And I’m starting to stress a bit.

Here’s my backlog at the moment…

– Ilo Milo – Bulletstorm – Dead Space 2 – Marvel vs Capcom 3 – de Blob 2 – Stacking – Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit – Metroid: Other M – Killzone 3 – Castlevania: Lords of Shadow

Not to mention that I just hopped on the Minecraft bandwagon. Man, I’m getting a panic attack just thinking about the games sitting in cellophane waiting to be played. I just know I’m not going to have enough time for all of this.

This weekend I’m going to start prioritising. What games can I legitimately play when there’s people at my house – which is all the time – which games can I save for when I have time to myself? What games can I play when my wife is utterly dominating the main TV?

This is married life folks – I don’t know how you folks with kids manage to pull it off!

Anyway, enough of my self indulgent whining – what are you guys playing this weekend? There’s been a deluge of new releases, and a decent heap still left over from Christmas and January. Let us know in the comments below!


  • Playing with my new laptop thats gettin deleivered today, plans on playing mass effect on said new computational device.

  • I’m adding Castlevania to the pile of shame. I can’t get into it. I finished Mass Effect 2 this week, so that means I can start attacking my backlog as well.

    I would recommend that you start with Stacking. It looks whimiscal enough for onlookers to not get bored, and you can knock it over in less than 3 hours.

  • Red Dead Redemption.
    Never got to it, everybody loved it, and now I’m in a serious mood for carrying a lasso and a revolver.

  • Just started Dragon Age Origins for the first time after enjoying the Dragon Age 2 demo. This will be me until Portal 2 is released I fear…

  • Finally have the internet at home, so I’ll be re-patching about 30 games on Steam, Starcraft II and redownloading the source files for a game I’m helping work on (or may well take on myself, given the rest of my team’s efforts).

  • Looking at getting a lot of MP of Killzone 3 in this week end. Played a bit last night and it’s a lot of fun. The SP is good and I’m happy to slowly make my way through it.

  • I picked up Ys Seven for my PSP while i’m over here in US.
    I also got EA Replay for $8!
    All the Strikes, All the Road Rashes, Syndicate and Mutant League Football.
    On a side note, if anyone knows how to use cars in the PSP version of Syndicate, please let me know…..

  • My backlog that I intend to play:
    – Bulletstorm
    – Dragon Age: Origins
    – Dead Space
    – Killzone 2
    – Gran Turismo 5
    – Dungeons

    What I’ll most likely end up playing:
    – Diablo 2: LOD (with Eastern Sun mod)

  • Is that pic a cross-dresser?

    Anyway, this weekend will probably be more World of Tanks for me and I’ve gotten back into NFS: Underground 2, with an eye to finally finish it. Heroes V might be on the cards too. Oh and thanks to Cheap$kate gamer, Arkham Asylum.

    Maybe some multiplayer Company of Heroes if my co-generals are up for it.

    And a haircut.

  • Demon’s Souls for me. If I have White World Tendency in Boletarian Palace, I’ll probably try and get that stuff out of the way, otherwise I’ll start moving through a different level. Anyone know what’s a good place for someone using ranged attacks and shield/spear combination?

    Oh, and if it ever shows up, I’ll be playing quite a lot of MVC3.

  • my weekend’s already fully booked with tactics ogre and marvel vs capcom 3. sorry killzone 3 (you’re gonna have to wait)

  • Killzone 3… and alot of it. Especially Guerilla Warfare, if you guys want to play with my PSN is Mikozae. -Send a message saying you saw me at Kotaku so I know.

    • I am up for that and if I haven’t added you (memory sucks) then my ID is driftking600.

      Obviously Killzone will be my weekend and some gardening and spending time with the family.

  • Got my Platinum for Enslaved last night, overall it is a game that is worth playing. Not sure what I am going to move onto though.

    With my 60GB console recently dying, been looking at playing some games that I haven’t yet started and waiting on the 60GB to return to me…

    Might finally crack Need For Speed : Hot Pursuit, in with some Killzone goodness and perhaps de Blob 2 if I get around to picking that up.

  • I’ve been so busy this week I haven’t played ANY games (not even a lunch time waster), it’s driving me crazy. I switched from getting up at 8:00 and going to work at 10 to getting up at 6:30 and going to work at 8:00. My precious morning game time gone. And I still don’t get home much earlier.

    Ahh well. Hopefully knock over Darksiders this weekend and then maybe trade Vanquish and Darksiders for something a little more thoughtful.

    Any suggestions?

  • I’m playing Killzone 3 like everyone else and I’m completely dumbfounded as to how some reviewers could give it a 7/10.

    • High or low? I’m about 4 hours in so far and it’s easily an 8 in my book, may well push up into 9 by the time I’m done. And then there’s the multiplayer which I haven’t even started yet…

  • Picked up Killzone 3 yesterday. Loving it so far so will be hoping to squeeze in a bit on the weekend. Busy weekend, though, so I doubt I’ll be playing anything at all until Sunday night at the earliest 🙁

  • I’ve got a huge backlog to get through and am holding off on buying new games until I get through a chunk…

    … but rather than doing that I’ve been going on a bit of a Zelda binge, replaying games that I’ve already completed before!

  • I picked up Bulletstorm yesterday, managed to play through the initial levels. I’m quite impressed so far. The levels look awesome, and the gameplay is at least as fun as the demo.. doesn’t take itself too seriously though..

    Won’t have a lot of time this weekend however, got Soundwave festival in Brisbane tomorrow, but hopefully should get a few hours of gaming in on Sunday. I might get a chance to get back to my latest Minecraft world too with any luck!

  • well i finished dead space 2 last weekend

    finished Bulletstorm last night(back to uni next week)

    have deblob2 and killzone 3 to finish

    and finally started clearing out my wii log the other day so after finishing paper mario and goldeneye. Time to finish Other M

  • I don’t really have anything to play at the moment. Guess I’ll either pick up a copy of Bulletstorm or Killzone 3. Any suggestions which one I should get?

  • This isn’t related to the topic at hand, but….

    Did anyone ever play Need for Speed Carbon?

    …. LA Noir… Carbon… I distinctly remember Carbon having similar tech to LA Noir.

  • This weekend I shall be playing “Setup my new toys”. It’s the most awesome game ever! Plenty of configuration options, lots of challenges to overcome, and the sense of glory upon completetion will be epic!
    Apart from that, minecraft most likely.. and if my wife loves me, maybe some Game Dev Story (or whatever it’s called) on my new Galaxy Tab! w00t!

  • just got marvel vs capcom 3, so i expect a lot of playing on that

    in fact, when i saw that game i thought “i’m totally gonna try and be pro at that game”

    so far i’ve played about 3 matches online and lost all times without any of their characters dying…


  • Still going on Halo 3, spent a bit of time last night on Mass Effect (I had to disarm a nuke, it didn’t work out) and Gears of War (where I had to shoot these flying things from the back of a train – it didn’t work out) back to the pile of shame for both of those!

    Tonight is total MP night, TF2, H3, TF:WFC and BFBC2

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