What We Want From The NGP

What We Want From The NGP

This. This is what we want. Well, not Okami specifically, just the idea of it, where we can walk into a store, pick up a game and know it spans the divide between three PlayStation consoles.

We don’t want mere re-releases. Or simple remakes. We want Sony to make good on its retreat from the realm of backwards compatibility and open up the PlayStation 2’s immense library to a world of new consumers, many of whom may have missed out on some of the last decade’s best games.

What we want (and have illustrated here) isn’t an NGP game. Or a PS3 game. It’s a PlayStation game, one that’s able to do two things: leverage the power of Sony’s upcoming NGP handheld and the convenience of the PlayStation Network to not only bring back the classics, but let us take them wherever we want, whenever we want.

Open up this box and you would, were our dreams coming true, find a code. Sure, you could also buy it online, but box art is sexier. And that code will allow a user to redeem a digital copy of an old PlayStation 2 game. That copy, once purchased, is then tied to the user’s PlayStation network account, and allows it to be transported between devices.

If you want to download it on your PlayStation 3 and play it there, go ahead. If you want to download it on your NGP and play it there, go ahead. And, more importantly, if you want to download it on one and transfer it to the other, including your current save game progress so your game can literally follow you out the door, well, go ahead and do that too.

When Sony removed backwards compatibility from PlayStation 3 consoles in 2007, it was only a matter of time before that feature returned as a commercial venture. With the power of the NGP and the capabilities of the PlayStation Network, surely that time is now.


  • Agreed… but also it’s been mentioned that NGP games NEED to be different from their PS3 counterparts. Otherwise what is the point of releasing one of them?

    So, when Uncharted 4 goes on sale, and a version of Uncharted NGP which ties into that game some how is also released around the same time, then sell double packs!

  • that’s just too difficult. PS3 games use blu-ray, which nothing else can handle. If i had to download 80gb games just for this, then I wouldn’t do it, and if it was necessary, no-one would buy it. It could work if you could buy an NGP game that you can plug into your PS3 and play it on there aswell, but that’s about it. Maybe if you could just connect your NGP to your PS3 and transfer PS3 games to it (not full ones, but sort of modified ones so that they use less space) then it could work, but buying a box to download something is not going to work, especially when you have such massive games.

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