Which Character Class Will You Play In Dragon Age II?

Which Character Class Will You Play In Dragon Age II?

BioWare’s Champions trailer for Dragon Age II asks players a very fundamental question: Which combat style will your version of the hero Hawke embrace?

Dragon Age II may have done away with the three different races of the original game, but there’s still the question of class. The game’s hero, Hawke, can be a warrior, a mage or a rogue. How can he possibly decide?

Being a mage ideally keeps you far away from the action, casting spells from a safe distance that rapidly becomes less safe if you pull your enemies” attention away from your warrior. The rogue is all about graceful attacks, big damage, and finishing off enemies before they can do too much damage. The warrior is a metal-encased tank.

Me? I’m going with a female rogue Hawke for starters, and then we’ll see what comes of that. How about you?


  • I was thinking of going the same thing Mike. Which morality are you planning on going? I’ll probably choose all good options. It’s weird but I find it hard to be evil in BioWare games because all the evil choices are made through dialog. Fable I had no problem killing hordes of villagers but there’s something different when the evilness is done through talking. Something I’m not good at coping with.

    I just hope mages aren’t as OP as they were in the last game or I’ll spend or my time play as the mage in my party instead of my actual character.

    • Im a shocker for fence sitting. Always trying to suss out the best for me…

      I kill and whatever if it makes it easier.
      I also take the good path if I think it will benefit,

      Then I go back and do the straight good and bad games…

      • Which is exactly why the morality systems in these games should be scrapped

        The decisions rarely have any personal choice and are normally what gets me the light powers or the evil lightning powers

        Decisions should more be relegated to future interactions with that charchter

        Like if you screw over Jim

        On the later on whenyou. Run into him again he might try to screw you over where as if you had helped him he might help you out of a sticky situation

        • Did you play DA?

          It’s a little like you described and powers are not relegated to an alinment because there is no alignment, just people/faction for you to piss off/please.

          It’s not as deep and meaningful as what Bioware would have you beleive, but when DOES the hype live up to itself?

          • Indeed. Whereas as much as I love ME, its a little too YES/NO, BLACK/WHITE for me, Dragon Age tended to have moments where grudges were most definitely remembered at times, Zevran for instance, if you didnt treat him well, there’s a defining moment with him that bites you in the ass…

  • Tank all the way, hopefully it means I’ll absorb the majority of the damage and not have to stress as much on micromanaging healing on everyone else.

  • Man, I must be so boring. Male Warrior.
    I played as a female elven Arcane Warrior/Blood Mage last time, and just like in KotOR/NWN/Fallout I just try to play a different classed character of the opposite gender just to get a different experience.
    Also this way I get to include my hot sister (Bethany Hawke) in my party.
    That’s not weird at all.

  • Played mage in Origins. Will do something different this time I think. I want to use the awesome armour and weapons available. You never get that chance being a support class.

      • I was an Arcane Warrior in DA:O. Didn’t put on huge armour or anything because of the fatigue factor. Mainly was a support character regardless. No point being a high level mage and using only a sword 😉

        And I don’t see a need to play the exact same class in a totally new game. Mages are shunned in the world. Why would a mage become Champion and people rally behind them? 😉

  • Sheeeet you can play as a female Hawke?? Damn you BioWare, like Mass Effect all your marketing material has focused on the gaunt, bearded version man-Hawke!! Woot, even more excited now!

    Does anyone know if you can still change the characters appearance a-la-Mass Effect?

    Oh, and I’ll def play as a female rogue, similar to my first playthrough of DA:O.. kicked ass with dual wield!

    • I can’t think of why but I thought you could do everything but change race.

      The clothes will work differently this time too. More like complete costumes.

      • Nope they said set appearance from memory because it’s meant to be a more personal thing to have a set char

        IMO it’s a restriction
        They have predefined notions about how hawk should be and then we’ll change him slighty based on the neutral bad/good convo wheel and his voice is set which can end up annoying depending on the actor which again drains immersion

  • I can’t decide. I’m playing female, and I like being able to unlock chests myself, but I really like wearing massive armour and using big weapons. I might go mage if they bring back arcane warrior…

  • I agree with you completely Mike “female rogue Hawke”. I played Dragon Age through twice as a rogue once elf and once human. It makes it more of a challange to not play a tank.

  • In DA:O I played Male Humie Warrior first, then lady elf wizzard, followed by a dwarven rogue.

    I like the variety of each, and I think I’ll do the same order again.

    I agree with previous posters, it’s nice to be the beefcake tank the first playthrough, stops some of the enemies cheap kills.

    Pretty excited about this game, I may have pre-orderd it months ago (I pre-ordered it the day of Black-ops launch at like 8am just to see the sales assistant’s expression while they were dressed in combat fatigues ^_^)

  • hmm if you can make the rogue similar to the prince of persia character, and have good looking armour, rogue (I also want to have a playthrough with all of hawk’s family to get his/her backstory).

    Though the mage looks cool how he/she can literally rip the shoulders off enemies, but once again it comes back to armour..

  • I’ll just play a Female anything.
    I always do in these sort of games (RPG) because there is a possibility of some lesbian action.

  • Rogue. The player character in Dragon Age should always be a DPS, as even with the best AI, the characters will never come close to a human’s micromanagement.

    Hence in the last game, I always used Alistair (tank) and Wynne (heals) while I dished it out. Rogue also solved the problem of having to bring another rogue to open chests.

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