While You Were Sleeping

You had to sleep last night. But gaming news continued to occur on a regular basis. What's the solution to this conundrum? Stop sleeping? Consume multiple cans of Red Bull? Chew on a raw guarana root? Yes. Or you could just read While You Were Sleeping, a bite-sized look at all the news coming in overnight.

You might be forgiven for thinking that the new Pokemon game is precisely the same as the last, which was precisely the same as the one before that - but you'd be wrong. Apparently there are some mild changes - some of which are detailed here.

Aussie soccer fans had their hearts broken at the Asian Cup over the weekend - apparently Monster Hunter is to blame.

Yes, this is another Minecraft video - but it's a Predator Minecraft video, so you should totally watch it. Apparently Naughty Dog are not developing Uncharted for the NGP, and it's time to confess our video game lies...

In Short There Are Changes Hiding In The Next Pokemon Game It's Time To Confess Our Video Game Lies Did PSP Gaming Result In Big Japanese Soccer Wins? This Minecraft Video Will Make You A God Damned Sexual Tyrannosaurus Uncharted's Creators Are Not Developing Uncharted For The NGP


    We could mix Red Bull with sleeping pils... but then we'd be playing for St Kilda.

    Too soon?

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