While You Were Sleeping

Sleep is a necessity, but missing out on gaming news whilst sleeping? Unthinkable. While You Were Sleeping is your chance to catch up on worldwide news that occurred while you were in your bed catching Zs.

Internet control is a big story right now, considering what's going on in Egypt, but China is looking into controlling internet use for an entirely different reason - online gaming. China are about to start an online "parental watch project" that allows parents to check up on their children's online play. More info here.

Game to movie adaptations are also big news, with the news that Dead Space may be next on the Hollywood 'make rubbish movie' list. And on that note, Hollywood is where video game movies go to die, according to this article.

Check out this list of games that make you want to travel, and this Luigi Mecha is ready to destroy the mushroom kingdom.

In Short Chinese Parents Able To Control/Ban Online Gaming Don't Let The Movies Kill Dead Space Hollywood: Where Video Game Movies Go To Die Games That Make You Want To Go Places Luigi Mecha Ready To Destroy The Mushroom Kingdom


    Yeah. I fantasise 'bout this back in Chicago.
    Hollywood I mean. More specifically: the cannibalistic
    Hollywood movie monster eating its very own
    offspring and regurgitating a sticky pulp for mass
    re-consumption. A video game inspired by film
    translated back into film. A copy of a copy. Cyclical
    like everything always is, but when the circle is
    too small, spinning to fast; everything becomes
    indistinguishable in a blur of high revolution
    blending like the spokes on a bicycle wheel turning
    too fast on a long, winding hill descent across
    dark streets illuminated only by sporadic
    street lights, Jane Hobby on the handlebars,
    you took her to the Peach Tree
    dance and its time to get her home
    before it's too late. You're riding faster
    because you want to get her home so her father
    will let you take her to the swimming pool
    next weekend. Important then to consider exactly when
    did a new idea become a dangerous notion like
    keeping Jane out too late into the night.
    The more ideas are recycled the smaller the
    gene pool, the smaller the circle, the faster it
    turns, the more everything looks like something
    you've already seen before.
    Just a deja vu replacing all things new. Have I been
    here before? Too unfathomable such a question
    when everything looks like everything else.
    What value in remaking a remake of a remake
    of a remake? When does the circle become to small?


    The Sandra Bullock movie reference now missing in action.
    Not to worry. I have an Ace up my sleeve for this very
    moment; for I had foreseen this day like a deadly

    I shall endeavour to include a movie
    reference - or movie trivia - in the comments section to
    patch the proverbial hole in the bucket as it were.
    Crisis and opportunity are, more often than not, akin.

    No mention of Marvel vs Capcom 3 Fightstick!!
    Lucky i checked, was going to post a question bout it in Ask Me Stuff and you think Jimu would have let me live that down :D

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